Hannah Montana Dance Mat

Hannah Montana dance mats are inspirational for young wannabe rock stars. Some sets come with DVDs that teach your little girl to sing and dance, plus a wig and wireless microphone headset.

The mats are easy to find, but the cons outweigh the pros. Read on to find out exactly why this mat's a hit or miss.

Locating Your Hannah Montana Dance Mat

You can find Hannah Montana dance mats everywhere. Here are a few places to check online. Prices won't vary too much, but if you're purchasing multiple items, you may be able to save money on shipping. You won't have to pay for shipping from two stores:

  • Toys 'R' Us: This is the DVD, wig, and mat set. You can get it here for $34.99. The mat appears to be a different shape than most other Hannah Montana mats.
  • Disney Shopping: Disney has the round mat for $42.50. The description states that kids can enjoy their favorite songs, "Best of Both Worlds," "Who Said," and "This Is the Life" in addition to learning routines via lights in the mat.
  • Amazon lists it for $29.95, with used mats available for less.

The Kits

The kits are recommended for ages five and up, though some stores, like Toys 'R' Us, recommend them specifically for ages seven through twelve.The plastic mats are washable so dirty feet are no big deal, and most of them are round (the one shown at Toys 'R' Us is flat on the back edge). Lights are built-in and require two AA batteries to function.

The songs are pre-choreographed, so girls five and up can learn to dance like Hannah Montana. Hannah Montana doesn't teach the dance steps, but she shows up in the DVD from time to time.

The Reviews

Well, little girls love the dance mat, of course, because it has Hannah Montana on it. And what little girl wouldn't love the opportunity to wear a long blonde wig and mic set that allows them to pretend they're their idol? That's the initial assessment. Upon further play, parents and children tend to be disappointed in the quality of not only the mat itself, but the wig and headset. Here a few notes taken from customer reviews:

  • Wig tangles easily and is lacking in quality
  • Dance moves and lights are too fast to keep up with-even for teens and adults
  • Headset is of poor quality
  • Hannah Montana doesn't actually teach the dance steps
  • Mat slides around on the floor rather than gripping and staying put
  • Too expensive for what it is
  • The teaching method is confusing for young children because they count the steps aloud, and there are numbers on the mat as well
  • Only three songs

There are a few pros, though the cons far outnumber them:

  • Cute
  • Entertaining for very young girls
  • It is Hannah Montana, after all
  • Children can build confidence by learning the dance steps and impressing their friends and family
  • Easy to use
  • Gets kids moving rather than encouraging them to just sit still and watch the dancing on television

A Final Word

You probably won't want to pay full price for your Hannah Montana dance mat due to the poor reviews. If your daughter still thinks she'd like to try it, shop on eBay, Amazon, Big Lots, and at other discount stores to find the best deals. If you and your child are pleased, bonus! If not, you're not out too much financially. Most of the critiques of the mat and DVD set are harmless, if annoying. One thing that you should be careful of, though, is the mat slippage. Make sure to take extra precautions when it comes to making the mat grip the floor.

If you're looking for something to get your kids up off the couch, this may just the way to do it. Never underestimate the allure of Hannah Montana toys for the tween set.

Hannah Montana Dance Mat