Animated Desktop Dancer

Computer screen desktop dancer

Animation can brighten a desktop considerably. Whether you prefer dancing animals or suggestive flgures, there's an animated dancer out there that is perfect for your desktop. If you have a creative side, you might even consider adding your own face to an animated dancer.

Online Downloads for Desktop Dancers

While animations can be downloaded on many sites online, the following ones are reputable. Keep in mind that desktop applications are only for Windows computers; the following software will not work on a Mac. Check the specifications on each site before downloading to ensure that the software will run on your version of Windows.


The Softonic website offers several animation figures, from dancing butterflies to dancing penguins. Scooby Doo is a popular download from this site, but there's an animation for almost every season and preference. Try a Scream screensaver around Halloween, or a Christmas theme in December. Some of these are free while others can be downloaded for a small fee; alternatively, opt for a free trial of each screensaver, accessing a new one when your trial of the previous one expires.

Desktop Animations

Featuring cute koala bears as well as an 'adults only' section, Desktop Animations offers it all. Both 2D and 3D characters are in the system, and all downloads are free and guaranteed to be adware and spyware free. While the cartoon characters are drawn animations, their suggestive nature makes them inappropriate for many audiences without showing pictures and video of naked women.


For those looking for sensual desktop dancers, VirtuaGirl is one of the most highly regarded. Downloading the software is free, after which you can either purchase credits or a full membership. Users on a full membership gain access to one model (of your choice) per day, while users on the credits system purchase individual credits and then use them to purchase the materials of models in the VirtuaGirl system. This website is strictly adults-only, due to the nature of the content.


An amusing way to add a desktop dancer without making the content too risqué is to take your own face and add it to a dancing body and then use it as an animated screensaver. PhotoFunny provides countless opportunities to do just this, ranging from Danny and Sandy dancing in leather (from Grease) to Mr. Bean's iconic antics. This option provides a unique way not only to enjoy your PC's desktop, but also to have some fun with your own photos. Use caution when using photos of others, as not everyone will find their new animation as entertaining as you do.

Tasteful Entertainment

Whether you are adding images to your home computer or the one in your office, think carefully about what you are adding and who might stumble upon it. Even if your kids have their own computers, do they sometimes use yours? Take extra caution when adding this type of software to a work computer; while some companies might tolerate the more innocent versions of these dancers, keep in mind that this may not always be the case. While animated desktop dancers can be a fun diversion, consider downloading the dancing butterflies and penguins in case the 'adults only' versions might not belong on your computer.

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Animated Desktop Dancer