Ballerina Pointe Shoes

Dancing a Story

Ballerina pointe shoes can help tell a story, emphasizing whatever theme a choreographer chooses and supplementing the plot with impressive and advanced dance skill. Good versus evil is a popular plot for a professional ballet production en pointe.

An Abundance of Shoes

A professional ballerina will go through many pairs of pointe shoes during her career. Some principal dancers need a new pair for virtually every performance.

A Good Fit

A proper fit is essential for ballerina pointe shoes. If a shoe is too big or too small, it can injure a dancer or cause lifelong health problems. Ballerinas get all of their slippers custom fit to prevent such an issue.

Tying Up The Details

Learning to properly tie the ribbons on pointe shoes can be tricky at first, but with a little practice, it becomes just as automatic as tying one's shoes.

Modern Ballet

Ballerinas sometimes break out of the mold of classical ballet productions, using their pointe shoes for more contemporary roles and forms of dance.

A Shoe Of Many Colors

Traditionally, pointe shoes are pink. While this is still true today, they are also often dyed custom colors for a particular role in a ballet performance.

Earning Ballerina Pointe Shoes

Ballerinas are rewarded their first pair of pointe shoes after years of training and disciplined hard work. Along with pointe shoes come many battle scars, but also the ability to dance beautifully.

While many young girls may aspire to be prima ballerinas, not all of them will stay studying ballet long enough to dance en pointe. For those who do, the first pair of pointe shoes is a source of great excitement.

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Ballerina Pointe Shoes