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Ballet choreography software can come in handy for anyone who has the task set before them to create a dance that is both compelling and beautiful. Since ballet is one of the most technically rich dance forms, it's important to use tools such as software to monitor your progress if you are a beginner choreographer. Whether you are a beginner or very experienced, choreography software can help you visualize the lines and formations of your dancers.

The Benefits of Ballet Choreography Software

First and foremost, software can serve as an assistant choreographer when you need it most. If a song has captured your interest, and you're ready to create a piece that is stunning and will surely touch an audience, you still need a second set of eyes. This can be difficult to realize when you are enraptured with your art form, but it is really beneficial to have someone else help you with formations and dance steps. When you do not have an equally skilled colleague to make this happen, you can turn to dance software.

Secondly, when visualizing how a dance should look, it rarely comes out the same when you are utilizing the actual bodies of your dancers. Things appear differently in our creative minds, and also in the actual rehearsal space when it's time to make it all reality. Using choreography software allows you, in some programs, to plug in the body types of each of your dancers and run routines full out with diagrams and animated examples of how it will look. This is especially helpful when you have large groups, or varying skill levels in your studio.

Finally, ballet choreography software can inspire ideas whenever you experience a block during dance creation. Some programs include steps in a database that help you put things together when you are stuck, and can also help you to adjust the basic foundation of what you'd like to see happen. This again saves you time and energy, while boosting your level of inspiration.

Various Programs to Try

There are not a lot of dance programs readily available, as it is still a relatively new computer program concept. However, there are a few out there that will get the job done and really assist you in your choreography.


Designed by dancers and choreographers, including the legendary dancer Merce Cunningham, LifeForms was over 10 years in the making and is now considered to be one of the best choreography tools you can have for your computer. It comes in both Macintosh and Windows formats, and also a Silicon Graphics workstation version. The program premise is basic - you have figures that can be posed into different positions and then click on the various body parts of the "dancer" to try different things. You can save the moves you like, and then create movement sequences you can later implement into a real dance. You can also just program starting and ending moves, and the computer will choreograph something to happen in between. It will not give you anything terribly creative when you leave it up to the program to choreograph the middle, however LifeForms does allow you the freedom to create an entire dance from start to finish if you choose, providing you with an invaluable visual tool.


ChoreoPro, a newer brand, is home of the Dance Designer, which allows you to capture movements with an even more advanced technology. Enabled to assist with ballet, modern, jazz, hip hop, contemporary, lyrical, tap and even figure skating and cheer leading, you can use the point and click functions to "drag" dancers to where you want them, and even send files to other dancers. You can also customize the counts and rhythms of your music and keep a database of information for each dancer in your group. Because of its versatility, ChoreoPro is very popular among choreographers who work in several dance genres.

The Dance Software Advantage

No matter which program you choose, improved choreography is just around the corner for the serious creative mind who's looking to take their work to the next level. Dance software can aid in visualization, demonstration, and even recording your work so that no sequences get lost during your choreography session.

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