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Dance studios, dancers, and teachers all use ballroom dance clip art from time to time. Whether you are making a program, a brochure, a newsletter, an invitation, or a business card, dance-related paper items look great when an image is added to them. Since dance is a visual art, brochures or business cards will look nicely illustrated if they include a picture. Dance clip art adds a great visual without having to edit photos and get permission of the photographer (and those photographed) to use the picture.

Downloading and Using Clip Art

The provided clip art is free to download and use. If you need help downloading the printables, check out these helpful tips.

Once you've saved the clip art, you can print it out directly onto paper or cardstock. You can also use the clip art digitally using your favorite image editing software.

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Other Sources for Ballroom Dance Images

For dancers and fans of ballroom, free clip art is fairly easy to find online. Try some of the following sources for a variety of different images.

  • Free Clip Art Store offers a collection of ballroom dance pictures ranging from waltzing to swing dancing. The collection is a good sized one, given that the images are free of copyright; these go above and beyond the clip art that comes packaged with word processing software.
  • All Free Download has an interesting and varied assortment of clip art that ranges from dancer's silhouettes to abstract background images. Some of these images are not intended for commercial use, so be sure to read the terms for each individual picture before using.
  • If you are willing to pay for dance clip art images, try CanStockPhoto. Prices start at under a dollar, and there are hundreds of pages to browse through to find your perfect image.

Uses for Clip Art

While some projects call for full photographic images, other projects offer the perfect opportunity to use a good clip art image. Clip art accentuates the topic of a dance brochure, business card, or program, and instantly alerts potential readers about the content and subject matter of your marketing materials.

Other uses for ballroom dance clip art can include:

  • Illustrating school projects or assignments
  • Decorating notebooks or folders
  • Scrapbooking dance recitals, auditions, or other events
  • Making greeting cards or gift tags

The only limit to what you can use clip art for is your imagination.

An Alternative to Photos

Photos aren't always available to illustrate your materials with, and clipart can be a viable alternative for anyone who needs images. Far from being clunky, cartoonish renderings, clip art can be detailed and lifelike enough that you'll be proud to use it for any purpose.

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