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The Bella Dancerella home ballet studio has become a huge hit with little girls both stateside and internationally. Read on to learn about the toy line that started it all, and explore the entire world of Bella Dancerella products available to you.

Distributing Bella Dancerella

Bella Dancerella is distributed on the US consumer market by a toy company called Spin Master. This company has put several successful children's products on the market, first making their mark in the toy industry with the "Sky Shark" - a miniature air-powered plane - that hit the market in 1998 and met great success. They went on to work with some of the top companies in the United States to develop a series of toys that are incessantly popular today. These include a McDonald's Flurry Maker and Hershey S'mores Maker, preschool toys featuring The Wiggles, and of course, Disney and Nickelodeon themed Bella Dancerella products, which were created in Australia. The Spin Master corporate office is in Ontario, but they continue to serve and entertain American children with their innovative and interactive play items.

What You'll Get with a Bella Dancerella Home Ballet Studio

You may be asking yourself what exactly a Bella Dancerella Home Ballet Studio involves. Rest assured it doesn't involve any home remodeling or expensive dance lessons - quite the opposite, this affordable and space friendly interactive dance kit is designed for little girls ages 3-8. There are a few ballet sets to choose from:

Bella Dancerella Swan Lake

One of the most classical of Bella Dancerella products, the Swan Lake version of the home studio line provides aspiring ballerinas with basic dance step instruction. The kit includes a double-sided mat with "step to step" illustrations to help children learn their basic ballet positions on both their left and right foot. It also comes with a tot-sized ballet barre and a 30 minute instructional DVD. Bella will take your children through the world of ballet, and can be used for either home exercise and amusement, or as a supplement for formal children's beginner ballet classes your child may be taking outside of the home.

Ballerina How-To Mat

If your child loves to pretend she is a famous ballet dancer and prefers a more formal class feel, the Bella Dancerella Ballerina How-To Mat may be ideal for your family. The set includes an electronic floor mat, a practice barre, ballet slippers and a tutu. As your child places her feet in the correct spots, she will receive positive feedback from the mat. It also includes 2 warm up routines and 2 ballet songs to practice newly learned skills.

Again designed for those between the ages of 4 and 8, don't expect the tutu and slippers to be of too high quality or one size fits all. While the mat is interactive, educational and fun, a frequent parent complaint is of the poor quality of this "dance attire." Instead, you may want to pair your gift with a more durable ballet outfit from your local dance store.

Going Beyond Ballet

Young girls' dancing dreams don't have to stop at formal ballet, as Bella's products have taken a few different directions over the years. If your child is looking for a different dance activity after wearing out her Bella Dancerella Home Ballet Studio, check out these other options.

Dora The Explorer Home Dance Studio

Bella Dancerella's Dora the Explorer Home Dance Studio is a fun and whimsical alternative to often rigid and structured ballet. Dora fans sing and dance with Dora and Boots with a DVD and dance mat similar to the ballet instruction mat, but themed for all things Dora. The set also includes a Dora outfit and a pair of Maracas, so your little one will be shaking it all through the house!

Disney Princess

The Disney Princess Dance Studio features Bella Dancerella's signature concept of a DVD and play mat, only this one is themed for all honorary princesses ages 3 to 8. The kit includes six sing and dance along songs kids will be familiar with, from "Under the Sea" to "Beauty and the Beast." Even better, this kit comes with a magical light up wand that little girls will love to twirl and carry around with them wherever they go.

High School Musical

Disney's done it again and has partnered with Spin Master to produce a High School Musical version of Bella Dancerella. This kit includes a head set and ball, and allows kids to sing and dance along to the DVD. You will also find bonus dances from High School Musical 2.

These are only some of the themed kits available from the Bella Dancerella home studio line. Check out or other leading product websites for more sets available for your little dancer.

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