Belly Dance Clip Art

Belly Dance Clip Art
Download these clip art images of a belly dancer.

Belly dance clip art can be a fun way to add excitement and motion to your website, documents, or even print materials. These clip art images of an elegant belly dancer are free for you to use digitally or in print.

Downloading Belly Dance Graphics

To download your chosen clip art images, simply click on the image itself of the link below the clip art you want. If you need help downloading the printables, check out these helpful tips.

The images can be resized, flipped, or otherwise manipulated if desired with your chosen image editor.

Using Your Clip Art

Whether you're a belly dancer yourself or you just enjoy this expressive dance form, images of belly dancers can be fun to use in a variety of ways. Clip art can be used for:

  • Marketing materials - Add visual appeal to handouts, newsletters, flyers, or other marketing materials for dance classes, costumes, or other belly dance related businesses.
  • Collage - If you enjoy paper crafts, making a collage is a fun way to express both your creativity and your interests. Clip art is an interesting addition to any collage.
  • Websites or blogs - Clip art can be used as part of your website logo, background, or sidebar, or use a pretty belly dancer as an image to illustrate a related blog post.
  • Customizing a binder - Show off your love of belly dance by printing off an image or two on cardstock, and inserting the page into the front pocket of a three-ring binder.
  • Scrapbooking and card making - Illustrate scrapbook pages or homemade greeting cards with clip art images of belly dancers.
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belly dance clip art 2
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More Belly Dance Images

There are many sites that offer clip art centered on a belly dance theme. Many are free, while others require you to purchase their clip art.

  • - Not all of the free images here are of belly dancers, but many of them are. They are in plain black and white so you can add your own color with a photo editor or on paper. Click in the individual images to open them and see the detail much more clearly.
  • Zorba the Veiled Male - Male belly dancers aren't as common as their female counterparts, and male-focused clip art is rare indeed. These three images of a male belly dancer are free to use. Click on "Galleries" from the left menu, then choose "Free Male Belly Dance Clip Art."
  • Foto Search - The clip art available at Foto Search is not free, but their selection is huge and you'll find lots of value-priced images in a wide variety of styles.

Communicate Your Love of Belly Dance

No matter what you're using the clip art for, these belly dance images will brighten up any page. Save the entire collection or pick and choose the ones you like best, and then use them to express your passion for this engaging art form.

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Belly Dance Clip Art