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A Dancer With a Hat

Britney Spears may currently be enduring unflattering press on a personal level, but dancers everywhere still covet Britney Spears dance moves. Spears is the very definition of an entertainer; her career has been fueled by energetic dance performances every bit as much as her musical prowess. If you're looking to imitate Britney's dance style, you'll probably need a moderate level of dance experience and a keen eye for detail.

Learning Britney Spears Dance Moves

The specifics of Britney Spears' Dance moves would translate poorly without a visual, so individuals seeking to copy Britney's performances will need to access YouTube, which features a number of the artist's music videos and live performances. Some critics would argue that Britney's early performances are the most impressive, particularly where dance is concerned.

I'm a Slave 4 U

Her single "I'm a Slave 4 U" has resulted in one epic video and many live events that featured incredible choreography that was both rhythmic and sensual. The video choreography has a heavy emphasis on abdominal moves, and ranges from both slow and seductive to fast paced with a subtle hip hop feel. Britney 's live performance for the 2001 NRJ awards offered a less stationary but similar choreography.

It's important to note that Britney's "Slave" moves are slightly more sassy and upbeat than the grind-related techniques of Christina Aguilera's "Dirty" video, though the two artists were considered thematically comparable during their early careers. Either way, if you're looking to capture the heart and soul of "Slave 4 U", then you will need to place heavy emphasis on the precision of your technique while addressing the sexual vibe of the dance.

Britney's main "Slave 4 U" choreographer was none other than Wade Robson, a man who was heavily influenced by Michael Jackson's performances. So, it is no wonder that many of Spears' dance moves seem to capture the fast and exact nature of Michael Jackson's technique.

Me Against the Music

Britney's "Me Against the Music" video weighs in slightly less on the sensuality and more in the display of frantic and rapid dance moves. Again, precise technique that is carefully timed against the music's rhythm is what really carries the performance. One of her live performances of "Me Against the Music" features a tight, almost military-inspired choreography that really encapsulates her sharpness and skill as a dancer.

Baby One More Time

Of course, who can forget one of Britney Spears' most legendary performances: her "Baby One More Time" video. This debut video skyrocketed the artist to fame while giving audiences a taste of Britney's dance talents. Again, though the sensuality of this choreography could be considered more subtle in comparison to her later works, Britney's dance moves are precisely managed and worlds away from freestyling.

Capturing the Dance

If you're serious about incorporating Britney's style into your own routines or, perhaps, your club scene, repetitive watching of her music videos and performances will help you isolate specific moves. This is really the key to grasping Britney's dances, as it would costs millions to track down and hire her personal choreographer. As mentioned previously, Britney's technique is very sharp, and those seeking to imitate her moves will need a certain level of dance training. Most free-style dancers who tear up the dance floor at their favorite clubs will be able to capture the overall essence of Britney's routines, but her moves include more than a few hip twists and arm movements. Enrolling in a hip hop or modern dance class at your local studio will be more than helpful in granting you the basics of what you'll need.

Britney Spears' official website will also debut choreographed videos made by fans. These performances can also be useful for individuals looking to emulate Spears, particularly because fan-made videos are simpler in design, which makes it easier for onlookers to segregate dance moves and memorize routines apart from the frenzied production of a music video. Though these fan-routines may only be based on specific Britney dance moves, the routines feature enough of her influence such that any aspiring Britney would do well to view them.

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Britney Spears Dance Moves