Article Highlight: Ballet Dance Steps

Mastering ballet takes great technique and consistent practice. With the right instructions, you can learn ballet dance steps at home. Whether you plan to dance in private or use the steps in a formal class setting,… Keep reading »

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Ballet dancer

Ballet is a legendary expression of art and movement in the dance world, long revered and respected, still attracting countless dreamers to its extremely competitive field. From 4-year-olds experiencing their first ballet class, to prima ballerinas dancing their final curtain call on a New York stage, ballet has captured the hearts of many, and continues to be an integral part of dance life.

What Makes Ballet Unique

With so many styles of dance out there, an individual may be wondering what exactly it is about ballet that allows it to continually endure and thrive in a world where cultural trends and interests are constantly changing. Ballet has remained quite true to its original form, and yet it still gathers sold out crowds. There are a few reasons why ballet is so popular, both with dancers and admirers:

  • Ballet requires discipline not found in many other forms of dance
  • It enjoys a history not found in many more modern genres of movement
  • Ballet encompasses the "dancer dream", and continues to resonate in the hearts and minds of little girls like no other style of dance.
  • Ballet can fit into almost any social setting, making it ideal for either a casual performance with friends or a formal evening date.

Improving Your Lifestyle

Taking a ballet class can provide you a new hobby and also be an opportunity to get some exercise at the same time! Not ever ballet dancer gets involved in dance with goals of becoming a star of the stage. Many embrace ballet just for the love of dance, and often agree that it has changed their life and outlook for the better.