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Using dance step diagrams is a quick and easy way to learn new dance moves or dance routines. Kids and adults can learn everything from line dances to ballroom dances with printable dance steps that show you… Keep reading »

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Hip-Hop Dancers Having Training

Dancing is a way of life for some. Whether you want to be a backup dancer or just like to get your groove on, dance instruction can teach you some hip new moves. It might introduce you to a whole new way of dancing like Irish dance or just show you some animated dance steps. Find all you need to improve your dancing or instruct others.

Types of Dancing

Dancing can range from modern dance moves to Soulja Boy hip hop choreography. Keep your feet fresh and your instruction hopping through checking out new routines that you or your students can try.

Ballroom Dancing

The artform of ballroom dancing can be hard to grasp. Looking at a picture gallery of ballroom dance moves can help you to get your feet moving in the right direction. You can also take this further by trying out some new ballroom dance steps. This will get you well on your way learning ballroom dancing.

Hip Hop Dancing

Do you want to dance like Shakira? Are you looking to mimic Britney Spears dance moves? Whatever your hip hop flavor, you can find dance instructions that can get you started down the road of K-pop dancing styles or moving like Lady Gaga. Check out free urban dance moves or look through hip hop dance choreography DVDs. These are great teaching tools to either teach yourself or even start a class.

Latin Dancing

Latin dancing is full of some of the hottest moves out there. From the seductive salsa dance to the shimmy of the mambo steps, you can have a lot of fun with these moves. Spice up your life with the samba rhythm as well. Need more visuals of these intricate dance moves? Check out a gallery of Latin dance images. It isn't just for adults either. Kids can join in on the fun through Latin dance moves for children.

Swing Dancing

The jumps, the throws and you can't forget the swinging. Swing dancing looks like high flying fun for all ages. Not only can you find the steps, but you can get swing dance videos to push your swinging knowledge. You might even try learning the West Coast swing style. Whatever your swing dancing passion, find what you need to get your feet flying.

Country Dances

From line to square dancing, country dances offer a lot of variety. To get your legs moving in the right direction, you can try starting with line dance or square dance steps. This is the first step to ensuring that you hit expert level when you do the cha cha slide. Need a bit more help? Not to worry. Square dance instructions are also available.

Dancing to the Oldies

The dances of the past are timeless. From the Hustle to the Time Warp, oldies dances never go out of style. Brush up on your 50s dance moves by trying out the stroll 50s dance. What was old always becomes new again! You could even start a trend.

Starting Dancing Classes

Rather than learning how to dance, you might be looking to start a dance team or class. Finding the dance teacher training and creative dance lesson plans you need is only a click away. Dance step diagrams that will be easy to follow for your students are also available. From dance stretches to dance warm up to dance studio equipment, you can find everything you need to make your dance teaching dreams become a reality.

Finding Dance Instruction

In today's technology age, there are other forms of dance instruction available that weren't previously. These include learning dance on the Internet. With a little research, you can find online ballroom dance lessons or even Michael Jackson dance moves. Learn cool moves without ever setting foot in a dance studio.

Dance Instruction