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Dance slideshows are a popular aspect of LoveToKnow Dance beause of their visual appeal. Photos of dancers and dancing often inspire romance and fun in the heart of the viewer.

Dance Slideshows for Dancers and Parents

For dancers, this collection of slideshows can offer inspiration on costuming, makeup, and shoes. Of course, you can also find inspiring poses from many different styles of dance that you can add to your performances for an added touch of dance flair. For parents thinking of enrolling their children in dance classes or sending them to dance programs or workshops, portrait galleries can offer a full range of information on different dance styles. With ballroom classes being so different from ballet ones, it's a good idea to think carefully about what your child will get out of each type of class before deciding in which type to enroll him or her. Partner dancing can help reduce shyness and encourage social interaction, while tap dance classes can help kids release extra energy and develop their creative spirit.

The slideshows are a great way for you and your child to choose a dance class together. While some children are interested in the discipline of ballet, others are drawn by the flair of Latin dancing. Watching a variety of dance slideshows can help your son or daughter get an idea of what the different dance forms look like. Most children develop a clear preference through looking at photographs of different styles of dance.

Teacher Resources

Dance slideshows can also inspire teachers and choreographers regarding steps, styling, and even the types of equipment that should never be missing from a dance studio. Both practical and full of fun ideas, these picture galleries can serve you, and your students, well. Costume ideas also abound in this collection of dance slideshows.

All About Dance

Learn more about dance, from ballroom, to country line dance, ballet to flamenco... and even some fun facts about dance!

Check back often for more dance slideshows, being added to the site on a regular basis.

Dance Slideshows