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They swoop, swirl, swing, and step with apparent abandon that masks absolute control. Ballroom dancers are athletes with extraordinary musicality, larger-than-life stage presence, and an uncanny ability to slip… Keep reading »

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Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers

Famous dancers have captivated and inspired us for generations. From Gene Kelly to Paula Abdul, plenty of dancers have made their impact on American dance history in some way. International dance stars have also infiltrated our lives, allowing us to experience the talents of many.

Some of the Most Famous Dancers

In the song and dance era of movies, many famous dancers graced the screen. The glamour of Ginger Rogers is one such example of a dancer who enjoyed a great career dancing alongside many of Hollywood's leading men while bringing a smile to the face of many Americans during her generation. Her movies have been immortalized today, and current young dancers are still beginning to just discover her talents. Fred Astaire was one of Ginger Rogers' famous partners, and continues to be considered a legend in the dance industry. His unwavering pep and individual style has been emulated by many, but never duplicated.

International Stars

Some famous ballet dancers, like Anna Pavlova were international imports who made a huge influence in the American dance world. Though she was European like many notable ballerinas, she forever revolutionized her craft. The foreign powerhouses of dance are often the ones who made the largest impact on today's technique and style.


Famous ballet dancers inspire new recruits today. Many young dancers continue to look at these artistic icons as role models, while the role models of this generation are beginning to become breakout stars. These include those who are enjoying the lime light on today's popular dance TV shows, many of whom will go on to enjoy impressive careers.

Famous Dancers