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Colleges With a Dance Major

Tamara Warta

Receiving information about colleges with a dance major offering can help the aspiring dancer plan both their future and educational goals. If you plan to work as a teacher or professional dancer, the schools noted below may spark your interest.

Researching Colleges With a Dance Major

If you are a young person with a passion for dance, chances are you have already thought of a way to work your love of the arts into your educational goals. Even those who know they will not go on to become prima ballerinas may choose to explore colleges with a dance major offering, as it can be a great way to get exercise while creating a positive emotional outlet, perfect while focusing on another field of study.

Others who enter their college years may fully intend to graduate with a promising dance career, as many do in fact go on to realize that dream. Whatever path you are planning on venturing down, researching colleges with a dance major is the first crucial step towards making an appropriate higher education decision.

While many schools offer dance as a major (as well as drama, music and other artistic disciplines), not all of them are prestigious in their field. Often times, a personal visit to the campus and active interaction with others who have gone through a specific program will provide you with the information you'll need to make an informed decision. On the other hand, some schools have become such shining stars within the dance community, they are notable and ideal for a new student based upon their reputation alone.

Point Park University

Located in Pittsburgh, Point Park's Department of Dance has long been recognized as a stand out when it comes to their dance program. They offer concentrations in ballet, jazz, modern, and dance pedagogy (becoming a dance teacher). Throughout your Bachelor's Degree studies, you will have plenty of hands on performance experience, leaving you with what every dancer needs most, a solid resume start. Students who continually impress the faculty may be selected for the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree program, which may lead to limitless opportunities to dance for companies and continue to build both exposure and experience.

The Juilliard School

Most anyone who has been extensively involved in the creative arts field has probably heard of the Juilliard School and the dance programs they offer. From training children to graduating adults who go on to dance in the most prestigious of companies, Juilliard established its dance division in the 1950s. The audition process is rigorous, however those who are accepted will greatly benefit from studying under some of the biggest names in dance instruction and performance. The Juilliard School is located in New York.

Oklahoma City University

Home of the Ann Lacy School of American Dance and Arts Management, Oklahoma has as much fun and pep as they have technique and excellent education. Many OCU graduates have been accepted into the Rockettes. OCU offers a Master of Fine Arts program in dance, as well as a wonderful Bachelor's program and summer intensives.

Elon University

Dancers who travel to North Carolina for college will love Elon's Department of Performing Arts. Rather than specializing in the more traditional college forms of ballet and modern, Elon throws in jazz and tap as well as a more updated approach to dance education. Never stuffy or stodgy, and with plenty of performance opportunities for studying actors and dancers, Elon will fulfill the desires of college students looking for a well-rounded approach to a professional dance career.

Finding the Right College for You

If these schools are out of your budget or range of travel, consider shopping around locally. Ask your favorite dance teacher where he or she studied, as they may have a great tip that assists you in your search.

Remember that a solid education is only half the battle when it comes to succeeding as a professional dancer or owner of a thriving studio. Talent and drive are essential, without them, you will only be discouraged by your unique choice to study dance. Keep this in mind while selecting a school and pursuing your greatest of dreams.

Colleges With a Dance Major