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For dance studios, art departments, and even home decoration, dance posters add a touch of grace and energy to any room. Whether you display a poster of a well-known famous dancer, or a painted dance poster, you are likely to make everyone who sees it feel just a bit lighter on their feet.

Famous Dance Posters

Some posters are more often seen than others. Certainly, some classic posters can be found in many dance stores and dance studios. For example, a famous poster with an 80s style features the lower legs and feet of a ballerina with ripped leg warmers and duct tape around her ballet slipper. Not only do such posters embody the art of dancing, they also showcase trends in dancewear. The trend of wearing ripped dancewear has passed, but there will always be new trends among dancers. Dance posters are time capsules, capturing trends in images that will survive long after the trend has passed.

Another famous ballet poster is that of the five ballet positions, shown in order from top to bottom of the poster. Again, only the feet and lower legs of the dancer are pictured.

Show Dance Posters

There are also many posters for individual dance shows, which capture dancers from the show in their costumes. For example, a Riverdance poster often shows a picture of the entire company performing one of the hard-shoe dance numbers, such as the finale. Alternatively, a show poster might feature a famous soloist, such as early posters for Riverdance featured Michael Flatley.

Ballet posters are often the most beautiful of all dance posters. Seeing a poster for the Nutcracker Ballet puts everyone in the holiday spirit. A poster for Swan Lake or Giselle can lift anyone's spirits with the white costumes and dreamy atmosphere.

Buying Posters

Regardless of where you'd like to put a poster featuring dancers, the following online sources provide a wide selection of dance and dancer-related options. Order a poster (or posters), or take advantage of the framed versions of the same posters. These are ready to hang as soon as they arrive, making them a great option if you're short on time.

  • An impressive selection of posters of all types, from ballet to different cultural dances from all over the world
  • All Posters: A large selection, featuring both posters and framed fine art
  • Movie Posters: A small selection of dancing posters, but includes some show posters, such as the original Riverdance poster

Whether you dance seven days a week, or you simply find images of dancers to be an ideal addition to a room you are decorating, dance posters can add beauty, grace, and style to any room. While dancers often hang up unframed posters completely covering the walls (hanging up posters of shows you've been in is popular), posters related to dancing can also be very artfully displayed in an expensively matted and framed set-up. No matter which decorating approach you take, the posters will always speak for themselves.

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