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Finding the perfect recital gift for the dancer in your family can be a difficult task. With such a niche skill as dance, it's tough to know what the dancer in your life already has, or what (s)he would really want, as a congratulatory token of their achievement.

A Season of Excitement

Dance recital season brings excitement into the lives of children all over the nation - and into all dancers of all ages, as teens and adults readily participate in studio recitals and other performance opportunities during the two prime times of year - the holidays and late spring/early summer.

If you have been invited to attend a recital, or if you are the parent of a young dancer, you may find yourself waiting to present your favorite performer with a gift to commemorate a job well done. Finding such a gift can seem tricky, but with a few of the suggestions below, you'll find yourself easily purchasing the perfect gift.


Flowers may be far from original, but for a dance recital, it's a common and always well-received gift - especially if you are unable to spend a lot. Just visit your local florist, and put an extra spin on the flower bouquet with some creativity. If you know what the recital costume looks like, try to find flowers to coordinate with it, or go with a traditional rose bouquet that looks as if it would be received by a prima ballerina. Some flower shops will spray glitter on the flowers, and if this is an option, go for it as it adds such a special sparkle, any child will be dazzled by such a special bouquet.

Recital Themed Gifts

Most dance studios select a theme for their recital. In the winter it is almost always holiday themed, or perhaps instead of a typical recital your studio does a production of the Nutcracker. Appropriate gifts such as nutcrackers, ballerina dolls, peppermint sticks and gingerbread houses are very easy to find during Nutcracker season, and make the perfect gift.

For the spring recital, find out the theme ahead of time so you can find a gift to match. Perhaps a stuffed animal will do the trick, or a bracelet or other piece of jewelry that coordinates with the theme. Charms are available in almost everything you can dream up, so if your child is an avid dancer, you can purchase her a charm bracelet and present her with a charm for each recital thereafter.

Practical Gifts

Especially in a tough economy, families struggle to pay for their children's extracurricular activities - and dance can be an exceptionally pricey one. Even novice dancers need leotards, tights, skirts, dance bags, hair accessories, and of course tuition money for classes. The more advanced the dancer, the higher the expenses are as they broaden their expertise and require additional dance shoes, master classes, summer intensives, traveling expenses for competitions, etc. If you are the parent of a dancer, or able to ask the family of the dancer you are going to cheer on at a recital, find out what is currently needed. A personalized dance bag is a welcomed gift, as is a new basic such as a black tank leotard paired with a glittery hair tie. Restocking a dancer's needed supplies is usually met with excitement and gratitude. Gift certificates to dancewear shops are always a good option if you are unsure about colors, sizes and styles.


Beyond the personalized dance bag, you can purchase many items and have them personalized, including, but not limited to, picture frames, pillow cases, t-shirts, coffee mugs, key chains and bean bag chairs. Little girls love having their names emblazoned on everything they own, and adults will also appreciate the time you took to get something customized just for them.

A Special Event

Instead of purchasing a physical gift, you can offer to take the dancer and her family out for a meal or present tickets to a local dance show in which she can just enjoy herself in the audience. This quality time and special celebration of her accomplishments, even if it just entails a scoop of ice cream, will be appreciated and cherished in the years to come.

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Dance Recital Gift