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The style of dance used in dance team routines is typically jazz, hip hop, or pom, a dance style that incorporates cheerleading moves and pom poms. Occasionally other dance styles are employed, such as step or fusion, which is a blending of different dance styles. Whatever style you choose to use, these videos can help you put together some great choreography for your squad.

Children's Dance Teams (10 and Under)

Mini Competitive Open Jazz Routine

This dance team is comprised of young girls ranging from the ages of 5 to 9. The dance consists of kicks, spins, and lots of hip swishing performed to a medley of pop and disco tunes. Although the moves in this choreography are easy, the girls deliver the routine with the energy and attitude that has won them numerous awards.

"Bumblebee" Hip Hop Dance

The dance routine performed by this group of 6- to 9-year-old girls uses songs and costumes to portray a bumblebee theme. The musical medley begins with I'm Bringing Home a Baby Bumblebee and then changes to various hip hop selections. A pint-sized "exterminator" eventually joins them onstage in this imaginative choreography.

Single Ladies Dance

This video shows 7-year-olds performing a jazz routine to the Beyonce hit Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It). This routine combines high kicks, spins, and floor work with a few of the moves that appeared in the official dance video.

Junior High Dance Teams

Poker Face Dance

Performed to Lady Gaga's Poker Face, the low level of difficulty and inexperience of the dancers in this jazz routine are somewhat redeemed by the good synchronization demonstrated in a few places, along with the creative use of formations. After starting out in rows, the girls form a single line behind one girl and do several "waves" by squatting in turn, and then standing up. They then form a circle before separating into rows once again.

Lovejoy Middle Step Boys Team

This team performs a series of step routines. These routines are performed without music; the boys employ body percussion to create their own rhythm. This middle-school step team demonstrates such tight synchronization that each "beat" is heard only once. Their use of vocalization, stomps, claps, knee slaps, and chest thumps lends a variety to these routines that keeps the energy level up and maintains the audience's interest.

Easy Pom Routine

This dance video shows the kicks that are often incorporated into pom dances. The dance begins with the girls lined up in two rows and doing a series of the high kicks that made the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes famous. After they finish the kick-intensive segment of the routine, they execute some simple dance steps while changing locations and levels. The routine ends with the girls clustered together and waving their pom poms high in the air.

High School Dance Teams

Morse High Boys Dance Team

When this high school dance team comes onto the floor dressed in black suits and ties with white shirts, one doesn't expect to see a hip hop performance. Once the music starts and they begin to move, however, the audience is treated to a series of high-energy hip hop moves. This tight team moves from triangular formations to rows and back again, while throwing in some floorwork and break dancing.

South Gate Girls Dance Team

The audience in this gymnasium is treated to a well-executed hip hop dance routine. The girls run out onto the floor and immediately change levels by sitting on the floor. They get to their feet and initiate a series of energetic hip hop moves. At one point they separate and run to four different points in the gym so that everyone in the audience has the opportunity to get a good look at them.

Lindberg Senior Boys Dance Team

Shortly after this senior boys dance team comes onto the floor, they do something a little different - they tear off their tee shirts to expose the numbered football jerseys underneath. Afterward, they perform jazz moves while some members execute some of the acrobatics, such as hand springs and back flips, more commonly seen in cheerleading competitions. They all form a line where they briefly perform some high kicks. Although their moves aren't synchronized as well as they could be, this flaw is partially compensated for by the acrobatics, and the audience enjoys the performance.

University Dance Teams

University of Michigan Dance Team

This video shows two different dance styles performed by this university's dance team. The team begins with an energetic jazz routine that incorporates a variety of level changes with lots of floorwork in addition to spins and kicks. The routine takes advantage of the space as the dancers travel over a large portion of the gymnasium floor. The hip hop routine that follows doesn't involve as much traveling, but adds an interesting element when some dancers use acrobatics while the other members of the team perform their hip hop moves.

Towson University Dance Team

Although pom routines frequently use poms poms as props, this video presents a good example of a pom routine performed without pom poms. This dance is considered pom, because the girls use moves such as the kicks and crisp arm movements typically seen in cheerleading routines. Dressed in orange and black costumes in honor of the Halloween season, these girls perform an impressive array of moves in perfect synchronization as they dance to a medley of old pop hits.

University of Cincinnati Dance Team

Here is another university-level pom routine. Unlike the previous team, this one dances with pom poms. After watching dance team routine videos of younger age groups, you can see how age and experience can improve a dancer's skills. There is a distinct difference in the dance quality between the younger and older age groups as demonstrated by these dancers. Notice how they move in sync with crisp moves as they spin, kick, and change levels to win a second-place trophy for their university.

Watch Other Dance Team Routine Videos

You can learn some moves or get ideas for creating your own choreography by watching dance team routine videos. More videos can be found online at sites like YouTube, Google Video, and Dancemedia. Many of the dance team routine videos found online come from competitions that include different age groups, with children as young as five participating. Other videos show the routines performed at schools' indoor games, football games, and pep rallies.

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