Dance Team Uniforms


Dance team uniforms are very important, as they will set the attitude and style of your group both at competitions and to the public as a whole. Below are some tips to keep in mind when it comes to designing and selecting team dancewear, as well as places to order when you're ready to do so.

The Importance of Dance Team Uniforms

A dance team is all about unity - you must work together, travel together and move together on a stage toward a common goal. This unity is represented by your team uniforms, which has long been the symbol of a group of people represented as one. Your uniforms can make or break a team, as they will be the determinant of how seriously people take you, and how organized and professional you come across to judges, team sponsors and parents of younger potential team mates.

What to Include

Dance team uniforms come in all different looks and styles, however there are a few hard and fast rules when it comes to designing them. First and foremost, you will want your name to be displayed somehow on your uniform. This can be screen printed or embroidered across the chest, back or left/right pocket. You can also have them personalized with the name or nickname of each dancer, to be displayed in any of the above-mentioned locations, or even down the side of a sleeve. This will help each dancer to feel uniquely valued and special within the team structure. Color choices are also important for a team uniform. Hot pink and black are great for an all girl team, but you will probably want to stick to more neutral colors such as red, yellow or blue if you have a coed dance group.


High school dance teams with girl members sometimes have skirts that resemble cheerleading skirts that they may wear on school spirit days. They also may have a track suit style ensemble. For college and adult teams, as well as those groups outside of schools, the track suit look is actually one of the most popular. With coordinating pants and jackets, the outfit may also include a coordinating t-shirt and even shoes. For teams that are less formal or on a tighter budget, they may just have a t-shirt or sweatshirt they wear on trips and tours.

When to Wear a Uniform

Dance uniforms can be worn in many different places, but they are customarily worn when the group is traveling or is about to compete. Many teams also have their competition costumes, which they wear for their actual performances. However, for the main team uniforms, these will be seen on the team bus, in lobbies, during warm ups, in the stands while watching other groups compete, etc. Anywhere where unity is to be shown, the uniform works as an identifier.

Where To Buy

There are plenty of places to order your team uniforms. First, you can check with your town's local screen printing shops which can almost always fill an order for you and occasionally gives discounts to non-profits and certain community teams. You can also order online through dance catalog services. Dance USA is one option. They cover all the needs of dance and drill teams across the country. You can also check out GTM Sportswear, which will provide high quality track-style warm up suit uniforms. Finally, you can purchase blank uniform pieces at any sportswear store and have a crafty member of your team design them independently. Sometimes a parent or "team mom" will be talented in embroidery or graphic design. This will save your group money and ensure a unique look. Team uniforms will be something that helps get your dance group excited for the upcoming competition and performance season. Take the time to make it something the whole team will be proud to wear.

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Dance Team Uniforms