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Polish dancer Edyta Sliwinska has met success as a dancer on Dancing with the Stars, reaching new heights of international acclaim.

About Edyta Sliwinska

Edyta Sliwinska was born in Warsaw, Poland on May 6th, 1981. She first started dancing when she was 11 years old; she was raised to appreciate music, which developed into her love of dance. Growing up in Poland, she came from a working class home, and truly appreciates the hard work and perseverance that can lead to success.

As a competitor, she has danced with her partner in multiple competitions across the United States. She is also married to her dance partner, Alec Mazo, who has also appeared on Dancing with the Stars, most notably winning the show's first season with partner Kelly Monaco.

Edyta Sliwinska is a passionate competitor, and the Rumba is her favorite dance. She has won various competitions including the Emerald Ball Latin Championships, the International Grand Ball, and the Holiday Ball.

Sliwinska is an originating professional dancer on Dancing with the Stars. She has performed on every single season since its 2004 inception, dancing with the following celebrities over the years:

  • Evander Holyfield (5th place)
  • George Hamilton (5th place)
  • Joey Lawrence (3rd place)
  • John Ratzenberger (6th place)
  • Cameron Mathison (5th place)
  • Jason Taylor (runner up)
  • Jeffrey Ross (first eliminated)

Though her winning streak is far from rolling, she is a cherished member of the Dancing with the Stars family, and continues to enthusiastically participate in the show and charm her partners. She also runs her own ballroom dancing school in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Genesis Dance Sport

The Genesis Ballroom Dancing School is an integral part of Genesis Dance Sport, the school run by Edyta Sliwinska. With locations in San Francisco and Los Angeles, (Walnut Creek, CA was also recently added), classes are offered for both children and adults. As a student, you can receive lessons from Sliwinska when she is in town, and the studio usually includes a performance of the famous ballroom dancing couple as part of their recitals, competitions and showcases.

Videos by Sliwinska

Edyta Sliwinska has also created a couple of videos, including Fitness with the Pros. In this in-depth workout DVD, people are given opportunities to exercise through routines inspired by ballroom dancing. Another video is Dancing like the Pros, which includes various demonstrations of ballroom dancing. You will view instructional segments like the Cha Cha, Rumba, Samba and Jive. Soon you will know how to dance various forms of both the slowest and fastest dances in ballroom - perfect for weddings or just a general workout. The videos feature beginning, intermediate and advanced sections so you can get your groove on at a level appropriate just for you.

With the latest craze of ballroom dancing everywhere we look, Edyta Sliwinska and others like her are sure to meet continued success both personally and professionally. A great example of fusing life passion with a stunning career, Sliwinska is a perfect example on pursuing your dreams and being all that you want to be.

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Edyta Sliwinska