Fifties Dance Clip Art

Fifties Dance Clip Art
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Dance styles in the 1950s were changing rapidly along with popular music. The era is most often associated with twirling skirts, quick movements, and fancy footwork as swing dance picked up steam and rock and roll made its debut. Capture this exciting decade in the history of dance with fifties dance clip art in a variety of styles.

Download the Dance Clip Art

It's simple to download the clip art images above and save them to your computer to use in print or online materials. If you need help downloading the printables, check out these helpful tips.

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Where to Find More Fifties Graphics

Clip art is a fun medium, and there are several sites that offer a number of different images that you can use for all of your dance clip art needs. Try some of the fifties-style clip art from the following sites.

  • - Open Clip Art offers almost all of its images with a public domain license, meaning you can use this clip art without worrying about infringing someone's copyright. These black and white silhouettes of dancers from the fifties would be the perfect addition to a brochure or other marketing materials for a dance studio.
  • - While this site looks a little clunky, there are lots of great clip art images with public domain licenses that you can use for free. These fifties dancers are available in a variety of colors - scroll down to see the derivative works and related images.
  • fotolia - The clip art at fotolia isn't free, but there are plenty of great fifties dance illustrations here that you can purchase for a small fee.

Remember the Fifties with Style

These clip art images would make the perfect focal point for a series of posters advertising a 1950s themed dance or party. They could also be used to decorate advertising materials or even a website. No matter what you're using them for, clip art pictures of dancers add flair and visual interest to all of your projects. Keep the fifties alive with these fun illustrated dancers.

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Fifties Dance Clip Art