Free Ballroom Dance Instruction Videos

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Ballroom dance instruction videos are one way to learn this exciting style of dancing. Whether you use online videos to get started in a certain dance genre or you only want to learn new moves within a type of ballroom dance that you already practice every week, there are video resources that can help you meet your goals.

Free Ballroom Dance Instruction Videos Online

The following sources provide free lessons and courses in various styles of ballroom dancing.

Ballroom Dancers

Ballroom Dancers divides its lessons by style, including: international standard, international Latin, American smooth, American rhythm and social and nightclub dances. Instruction for each dance is offered by the name of individual steps that belong to that dance. For instance, waltz instruction includes the following dance steps:

  • Left box turn
  • Right box turn
  • Closed forward changes
  • Closed backward changes
  • Six-count underarm turn

Each section of the website begins with an introduction to the dance, including the basic rhythm and tempo, then presents written instructions for the men's and women's parts. Most pages complement these directions with several video clips, so students can view the steps in action.

The Dance Store's Online Learning Center

The Dance Store's Online Learning Center includes online lessons for more than 20 dance styles. Just a few of the dances available on this site include:

  • East Coast Swing
  • Foxtrot
  • Tango
  • Waltz
  • Night Club Two Step
  • Salsa
  • Mambo
  • Bolero
  • Merengue
  • Bachata

Each lesson provides a short overview of the dance, including history and helpful tips, as well as featuring an instructional video. This is a nice website for those with older computers; since videos are available in multiple file formats, all visitors should be able to find videos that work with their computer system or web browser. If you need some background instruction before you begin learning a specific dance, the site also features information on ballroom basics.

Learn to Dance

Learn to Dance combines video clips and written explanations to provide online dance instruction. Viewers should start with the ballroom dance position video to get a feel for the basics, and can then move on to clips in Foxtrot, Rumba, Mambo and more.


Online video sites like YouTube offer dozens of user-submitted ballroom dancing clips. Search for the dance style you would like to learn and then move on from the first result to other, related, videos that teach similar steps.

Videos from the Library

Your local library can be an unexpected source of free ballroom dance instruction videos. The disadvantage to all of the videos offered online is that you must view them on a computer connected to the Internet. If you prefer a physical DVD over online streaming, but you don't want to invest money in a ballroom dance DVD, libraries can be a great source of instructional videos. Check with your local branch to find out what titles they may have in the catalog. While instructional DVDs are sometimes available for free at local libraries, some library systems charge a small fee for audiovisual loans.

Learning Ballroom Dance Steps

While videos may not be able to replace live classes for some students, filmed lessons can supplement what you learn in class, as well as provide practice routines and inspiration. Whether you pursue instructional ballroom videos as your primary or your secondary source of dance instruction, remember that practice makes perfect. Get out on the dance floor and give those new moves a few run throughs so you can execute them effortlessly.

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Free Ballroom Dance Instruction Videos