Free Dance Clip Art

Free Dance Clip Art

Use dance clip art to decorate your personal items and show your love of movement. It can be used in limitless ways including customizing your stationary, in class projects, or as a way to decorate your dance bag.

Free Dance Figures Clip Art

To download free clip art featuring various dance figures, simply click the image below. Doing so will open a PDF file that has all of the images. Feel free to save or print as-is, or snip individual images from it as needed. If you prefer black and white images, simply print without color and use or scan in for an electronic version.

Download More Free Dance Images by Type

If you're looking for images depicting a specific type of dance, chances are you'll find what you need below. When you specialize in or have an affinity for a certain type of dance, you want to showcase it in your life. Find excellent clip art in these articles that will highlight your favorite types of dance.

Belly Dance Clip Art

Belly dance is a stunning art form. Clip art in this article, which highlights six different moves in the dance, includes a female dancer in traditional attire. When you click the image below, you'll be able to download a document with all the images or select and save individual dancer images. Pick your favorite to share! If you need help downloading the printables, check out these helpful tips.

Ballroom Dance Clip Art

Elegance and sophistication rule in ballroom dance. Choose one of several ballroom dance clip art images to highlight your love of this celebrated type of dance. You can download the exact image pictured below, or choose from among six stunning individual images

Fifties Dance Clip Art

The 1950's were a great decade for partner dancing. Choose any or all of these four clip art images highlighting dance this decade. Each image shows showing traditional 1950's attire on dancing couples who are spinning and jiving to the tunes.

Praise Dance Clip Art

Praise dance is both spiritual and beautiful. Click the image below to access six images of females demonstrating praise dance steps in modest dance clothing. The images depict graceful moves, and several include scarves in the images.

Swing Dance Clip Art

Swing dance is done with a partner, so here you'll find five clip art images of couples grooving together. From this collection you can choose from images depicting the Lindy hop, dips, and other popular swing dance steps.

Using Dance Graphics

Once you select the dance clip arts images that you like, there are a number of ways you can use them.Examples of ways you can use these designs include:

These are just a few ideas to get you thinking. Save the images you like best - or maybe all of them - so you'll be able to access them for a variety of projects.

Delight In Dance

Even when you aren't dancing, you can still show your love for this art. Utilize dancing images in your everyday life to create a musical atmosphere wherever you go, even if you can't dance at that moment. Delight in your love of movement daily.

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Free Dance Clip Art