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Kym Johnson, an accomplished Australian ballroom dancer, has recently found success on American airwaves as a reigning presence on Dancing with the Stars.

Biography of Kym Johnson

Kym Johnson was born in Australia on August 4, 1976. She first began dancing when she was two years old, which led to a developed passion for ballroom dancing, which she first took up at the age of fifteen. She first gained notoriety when she and her dance partner earned a second place finish in the Australian Dancesport Championships in 1998; together they also went on to become finalists in the U.K. Ballroom Championships. In 2001, at the age of 25, she retired from competitive dancing to focus on other things.

As a professional, she went on to appear in many events and feature films. These included dancing credits in the popular movie Strictly Ballroom, and touring as a performer in the award winning Burn the Floor, which is a dance production packed with ballroom dancing. She also has been invited to dance at celebrity events, including Elton John's birthday party.

Dancing with the Stars

Some can say that Kym Johnson was "discovered" internationally when she appeared on Dancing with the Stars, an ever popular ballroom dance competition show in the United States. She first appeared on the Australian version for three seasons, and she was then invited to perform on the Champion of Champion series following Season 2. She occasionally appears on the current seasons of the Australian show, including a grand finale performance on Season 4.

She joined up with the U.S. version during Season 3, as the dancing partner of Jerry Springer. They were a crowd favorite, and made it midway through the show before being sent home. She was so popular, that she has been brought back for every consecutive season since. During Season 4, she was paired up with Joey Fatone from famed boy band N'Sync--the couple became runners up that seaon. During Season 5, she danced with Mark Cuban, and Season 6 she danced with Penn Jillette. Season 7 she was matched with Warren Sapp, and they finished in second place. Going forward, she danced with David Alan Grier in Season 8, and finally, in Season 9, she danced with Donny Osmond.

In November of 2009, Kym Johnson finally was crowned the winner of the show, as she and Donny reigned supreme. This accomplishment made her the only ballroom dancing professional to win two different Dancing with the Stars shows - one in the U.S. and one in Australia.

Popularity Continues

Kym Johnson's popularity stems from her vibrant personality and exceptional talent, as she has led many celebrities through the competitive television show with flying colors. She also has been recognized in certain circles as an international sex symbol - something that was furthered by her modeling for the famous men's magazine, FHM.

Johnson has also appeared on the following shows:

  • Larry King Live
  • Celebrity Survivor (Australian version)
  • Walt Disney World Christmas Day Parade
  • Good Morning America
  • The Ellen Degeneres Show
  • Australians Hit Hollywood
  • Denise Richards: It's Complicated
  • Entertainment Tonight

A Lesson in Ballroom Dance

Kym Johnson will continue to meet great success as a dancer and entertainer as she has been yet further launched into the spotlight through winning the American Dancing with the Stars. She is a true example of what can be achieved in ballroom dancing, and is capable of pushing the boundaries and coming up with choreography and routines that are stunning and unique.

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Kym Johnson