Learn Ballroom Dances

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When you learn ballroom dances, you can fulfill your dancing dreams. You will be able to gracefully waltz around the dance floor, sway with your partner to the rhythm of a steamy tango or enjoy stepping to a lively jitterbug.

The Resurgence of Ballroom Dance

The resurgence in the popularity of ballroom dancing has led to thousands of couples discovering the elegance and joy of ballroom dance as they learn the techniques and step executions together. However, you do not need to have your own partner to learn ballroom dance. Most studios and schools will provide a dance partner for you. There are several ways to learn ballroom dancing, including:

  • Attending a dance studio or school that specializes in ballroom dance lessons
  • Attend ballroom dance lessons given at high schools, colleges or civic organizations
  • Buy or rent instructional ballroom dance videos or DVDs
  • Learn the art of ballroom dancing at websites that offer online instruction

Ballroom Dance Studios and Schools

One of the most well known names in ballroom dance instruction is the Fred Astaire Franchised Dance Studios. With many locations throughout the United States, the Fred Astaire Studios offer lessons in all styles of dance in an atmosphere that is relaxed and comfortable regardless of your level of experience or age. There are many other dance studios located throughout the country that specialize in ballroom dance instruction. Find them easily by checking the internet or your yellow pages to find schools in your area.

Learn Ballroom Dances Online

Websites devoted to teaching ballroom dancing are very popular. It is possible to learn the Waltz, East Coast Swing and Foxtrot by following along with their online tutorial sections.

One popular website that offers instructional ballroom dancing is Ballroom Dancers. Dances are taught using a combination of instructional drawings, video clips and written descriptions of both the male and female dance steps. This website offers instructions for both International Style and American Style ballroom dancing. In addition, there are instructions for several nightclub and social dances, message boards, a classified ad section and a shopping section. Instructional dance videos, books and music are available to purchase. The dances on this website include:

  • American Style:
    • Waltz
    • Viennese Waltz
    • Tango
    • Foxtrot
    • Cha Cha
    • Rumba
    • Bolero
    • Mambo
    • East Coast Swing
  • International Style
    • Waltz
    • Viennese Waltz
    • Tango
    • Foxtrot
    • Quickstep
    • Cha Cha
    • Samba
    • Rumba
    • Paso Doble
    • Jive
  • Social and Nightclub
    • West Coast Swing
    • Lindy Hop
    • Salsa

Adult Education Ballroom Dance Instruction

Many adult education programs offer ballroom dance instruction. These classes take place in various locations that include:

  • High Schools
  • Colleges
  • Libraries
  • Civic associations
  • Senior citizen groups

Learn Ballroom Dance from Videos and DVDs

Learning ballroom dance from videos or DVDs is an excellent way to learn to dance in the privacy of your own home and at your own pace. These instructional dance videos are available both online and at many locations including libraries, video stores and big box stores.

Where to Find Dance Videos Online

Many online websites offer instructional dance videos and DVDs. In addition to the websites already mentioned, the following are only a small sampling of those websites.

Start Dancing

Ballroom dancing is a beautiful way to express yourself while having fun and exercising at the same time. With so many different methods available to learn ballroom dance, there is sure to be one that is right for you.

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Learn Ballroom Dances