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Learn Usher Dance Moves

Learn Usher Dance Moves

If you're a fan, finding a way to learn Usher dance moves can be a great way to feel even more in touch with the man's music and movement style.

How Does Usher Move?

Like his music, Usher's dancing acknowledges and borrows from past movement styles while at the same time taking them in entirely original directions. For example, one of his signature moves is called the Side Glide. In the Club Dance video lesson on that move, Chi (a hip-hop and salsa dance choreographer and teacher) explains that the best way to begin to learn the move is to learn another move. Specifically, Michael Jackson's Moonwalk dance move is the root of Usher's Side Glide.

The difference comes in that while the Moonwalk only goes in one direction, the Side Glide goes in a sort of square motion. Chi's video is a great way to learn the move for several reasons:

  • Because it is an online video, it is free.
  • The digital video format can be stopped at various times to make sure that you understand the moves.
  • Chi uses many visual metaphors in his teaching, such as "stake your foot into the ground".
  • He breaks the move into very separate steps before putting them all together.
  • Once the basic move is taught, he takes it further and shows you other variations such as diagonals and pauses.

Other places online suggest that you simply emulate Usher's influences like Michael Jackson, or even simply watch the [various clips on YouTube] (including hip hop segments) that show how Usher rehearses and emulate his dance style. All of these have the same advantages as Chi's video, in that they are easy to watch and re-watch the various parts in order to learn the specific steps.

Paying for the Moves

Of course, you can also go for a paid online dance instructor such as Simone Maurice, a teacher who was mentored by Michael Jackson and has appeared on VH1 and Much Music. With both a newsletter and a wide variety of online videos, her dance course is more of a coherent curriculum than the random online videos. However, if you are going to pay for dance lessons, it might be worthwhile to simply find a local hip-hop instructor and tell them that you want to learn Usher dance moves - odds are they can teach you, and they have a big advantage over videos.

A teacher can watch what you are doing and figure out how best to correct any mistakes you may be making. They can see the mistakes you make sometimes before you make them, and also will get to know your learning style and how to teach you new moves. Videos cannot do that, unfortunately, and even virtual instructors like Simone Maurice cannot really watch your moves unless you have the ability to upload videos of yourself.

Learn Usher Dance Moves Old-School

Of course, the authentic way to learn Usher dance moves would be to go out to the clubs where that kind of music and movement thrives. It may be a slower way to learn, by simply watching others and letting the music sink in, but it is a more authentic way to learn, and probably will stick with you longer and give you a deeper understanding of the way the moves and the music work together.

Even Usher is old-school in a way you might not expect. On The Celebrity Network he expressed his admiration for Gene Kelly, and recreated the entire dance sequence from Singin' in the Rain move for move, just to pay tribute to another great dancer. The dancers influencing his moves are great dancers, which makes it no surprise that his choreography and style are also highly regarded.

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Learn Usher Dance Moves