Online Ballroom Dance Lessons


Online ballroom dance lessons can be a great way to get some smooth moves together next time you need to impress a crowd.

The Allure of Ballroom

There is nothing more captivating than watching a couple glide across a dance floor, seemingly moving on air. For decades, ballroom dancers - whether professional or amateur - have epitomized the gorgeous movements of social dance. Current television shows such as Dancing with the Stars have only lent more fuel to its fire of popularity, featuring celebrities training, performing and competing with real-life professional ballroom dancers.

Because of its high level of exposure and undoubted grace and beauty, many have aspired to become such a dancer themselves. Thanks to online ballroom dance lessons, this is now an easy goal to accomplish!

The Convenience of Online Ballroom Dance Lessons

Cheaper than a dance studio, and less embarrassing for those who are convinced they suffer from two left feet, online ballroom dance lessons can provide basic instruction to anyone with a high speed Internet connection. The virtual world can seemingly achieve anything these days, and teaching dance to someone in their home office is no exception.

Such lessons can take on various forms, but they usually involve written descriptions of various ballroom steps, combined with video clips for visual purposes. People can model their own moves off of what they see on their computer screen, and with any luck, the result will eventually make magic on the dance floor.

Some ballroom dance lessons require payment, however the cost is usually less than or comparable to studio dance instruction. While some struggle with learning an art form such as ballroom dancing on their own, many others have found that they really get their money's worth. For some, learning balance and the suave moves that ballroom is famous for is an invaluable investment.

Where to Learn

Doing a simple Google search will yield thousands of results when it comes to online ballroom dance lessons. For that reason, below are a few sites that are sure to both minimize your searching stress, as well as provide you with what you are looking for.

Learn to offers free online dance lessons that will help you master the basics of social dance. They teach various styles, but ballroom is included. Through both text lessons and video clips for examples, this website has a wonderful selection and a quality of instruction that is ideal for a first time ballroom dancer.

Online Ballroom Lessons is the website of dancer Terry Dean. The site contains hundreds of lessons covering every dance in this genre, but you'll need to join and pay a monthly fee to view them. Fortunately, Dean offers a free viewing of a basic rumba lesson so you can decide if it's worth investing in a paid membership.

One of the premier dance sites on the Web, Ballroom hosts all things ballroom. With an extensive learning center, you are able to learn basic dances, practice certain positioning, and even check out a move of the week.

Community message boards and dance directories are also found on this site designed to provide online ballroom dance lessons.

Wherever you go, learning ballroom can be such a rewarding experience, you may find yourself asking why you ever considered passing up the opportunity. Your new dance moves will be a great thing to flaunt at that next wedding or dance party, and it can be a wonderful social advantage as well if you build up enough confidence to go to a dance club on a Saturday night.

Check out these sites, as well as others you may come across, and let's get dancing!

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Online Ballroom Dance Lessons