Praise Dance Attire

Flowing Dancewear

Praise dance attire is characterized by long, flowing lines. Whether you dance in a dress, skirt or even palazzo pants, expect an overabundance of fabric in order to create a beautiful, lyrical dance image.

Lyrical Praise Skirt
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This praise dance skirt is a perfect example of the flowing fabric in praise dance clothing. This skirt comes in seven colors, and is available for under $40.

Palazzo Pants
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Although skirts and dresses are common in praise dance, palazzo pants are another common option, especially for classes and rehearsals. Palazzo pants sometimes take to the stage, but often a stage show will feature praise dance dresses.

Performance Dress
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This lyrical dance dress is a classic choice for performance. Featuring a full-bodied skirt and a full-coverage bodice, this dance dress is also a very affordable costume at $45.

This dress has a cross on the bodice and several other motifs and colors are available.

Simple Praise Dress
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This lyrical dress is simple, making it suitable for class or it can easily be dressed up for a performance with one of several types of praise dance accessories.

Praise Dance Veil
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This veil is a great accompaniment to basic praise dance attire. Able to dress up even the simplest dance dress or pants, this accessory can also take your dancing onstage. Have your entire dance group dress in all white or all black, and then each purchase one of these veils. This creates a great looking costume for little investment.

Versatile Scarf
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This chiffon scarf is a fantastic praise dance accessory. Available in several colors, you can use this scarf (or multiples) to add color and flowing fabric to a basic outfit. This accessory can be used as a head wrap, a veil, a scarf, or a waist or body sash; it's truly versatile, and a bargain at under $10.

Praise Dance Shoes
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Don't forget that this special genre of dance requires special shoes. Coming in many different designs and colors, lyrical shoes (often called Footundeez) either cover the entire sole or only the ball of the foot. These shoes have an ankle strap, but the most basic version of these shoes only covers the ball of the foot and a small portion on the top of the foot.

White Praise Dance
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This classic lyrical look combines a flowing skirt with an empire waist. A dress can often include flared and flowing sleeves. To add more to your outfit, you can take a basic leotard and accessorize it with an overlay made especially for praise dance, such as those available through Discount Praise.

Historical Praise Dance Attire

In this statue of praise dancers, you can see the elements of lyrical dancewear that are still found on the market today. The flowing sleeves and skirts accent the dance steps that celebrate in the form of movement. Liturgical dance offers a spiritual experience for both audience and dancers, and the dancewear and costumes reflect the joy, peace, and celebration that are inherent to the dance form.

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Praise Dance Attire