Praise Dance Clip Art

Praise dance clip art
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Praise dance clipart is useful in many different ways - from room décor to ministry literature. No matter what your reason, knowing where to find such clipart can assist you in that next burst of liturgical creativity. Use the original free printable clip art provided here in your own projects, or utilize the additional suggested resources to find different designs.

How to Use Printable Clip Art

Using the above printable praise dance clip art is easy and there is no fee. Simply click on the image to get started. When you do so, a PDF document featuring original praise dance designs will open in a separate browser window or tab (depending on what browser and version you are using).

You can print the entire sheet to use for paper designs, create an image file with the aid of a photo editing program, or copy specific images into other documents for print or electronic use.

Print a Clip Art Sheet

When the PDF file opens simply press Ctrl+P to print a page of clip art. Alternately, you can click the printer icon that shows up when you position your mouse at the center of the page near the bottom of the viewing area.

Create an Image File

With the aid of Paint, PhotoShop or another image editing program, you can create .JPG, ,PNG, .GIF and other image files from the clip art PDF document.

  • Click the image you want to use, then either right-click and choose "copy" from the menu that appears or press Ctrl+C.
  • Click in a blank file in the image editing program you are using and select "paste." Depending on the program you are using, you may be able to select "paste" from the file menu, right click in the live area to choose "paste" or press Ctrl+V.
  • Save in the image format of your choice to use in web design or documents as needed.

Insert Image Into a Document

To insert one of the images into a document, such as a word processing file, you can copy and paste directly from the clip art PDF to your document file.

  • Right click the image you want to use and select "copy" from the menu that appears or press Ctrl+C.
  • Move the cursor into the document file you are working with and select paste. Depending on the program you are using, you may need to "paste" via the file menu. Other possibilities include right-clicking the document where you want to place the image and choosing "paste" or pressing Ctrl+V.

LoveToKnow Free Praise Dance Clip Art

blue and lavendar praise dance clipart
red praise dance clipart
red and green praise dance clip art
blue and green praise dance clip art
yellow and purple praise dance clip art
blue orange and yellow praise dance clip art

Additional Clip Art Resources

If you are looking for images in a different style than the printable designs provided here, there are other online resources for clip art designed in a praise dance theme. A few places where you may find interesting options include:

  • Share Faith - This Christian clipart website has a diverse praise dancing section, including silhouetted dancers, artistic sketches, and computer-generated images. Use these with a caption in your praise dance team rehearsal calendar, or as cover art for an outreach program. This site is fee-based, though a 10-day free trial is available. If you want to continue using the site after the free trail period, you'll need to purchase a one-year membership for about $130.
  • Christ Art - Here you will find more whimsical images featuring praise dancers, uplifted hands, and other visuals that suggest joy in the Lord through movement. In order to download images from this site, you will need to purchase a membership. While a free trial is not offered, the annual membership fee is just $45, which is significantly less than the Share Faith site.

Incorporating Praise Dance Clip Art

Most people who go on a search for praise dance images do so because they are involved with some sort of dance ministry. Many churches have liturgical dance teams that would fall under the praise dancing category. Others perform this Christian-based movement at their schools or through a private organization. Those who are involved with such a group will often need clipart for their promotional literature. From audition notices to show programs, utilizing clipart can bring a new dimension to your materials. Having an illustrative décor adds detail that will not go unnoticed.

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Praise Dance Clip Art