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Praise dance

Watching a praise dance video is a great way to get a sense of this Christian-based dance style and learn spiritual teachings of the faith. Also known as "liturgical dance," praise dance is a style in which dancers reenact Christian Gospel through the art of movement. Some choreographers incorporate ballet, jazz, and lyrical styles of dancing into their work. However, the defining feature of praise dance is that the movement is inspired by God and faith, regardless of the dance steps that are executed.

Praise Dance Videos

There are as many praise dance songs as there are church hymns. Each song has a unique meaning, and each group has its own style when performing. Performances range from professional, onstage dances to church rehearsals that will become part of larger services; these videos showcase the music and dancing that come together to offer audiences, religious and non-religious alike, a glimpse into the reverent and celebratory realm of praise dance.

Put a Praise on It

Tasha Cobbs, the writer of this song, experienced depression at some point in her life. She came up with the lyrics to Put a Praise on It when preparing to go to church. The song attests that miracles can occur if you pray on it. Sometimes, you have to move through the pain in order to heal and grow from it.

God Blocked It

God Blocked It is a testament to the temptations that can derail human beings from the path of good onto a path of evil and self destruction. In this song by Kurt Carr, God intervenes.

Order My Steps

Order My Steps is a church hymn. It is a prayer to God, asking him to show the way, to provide a tangible pathway for doing his work and reaching salvation.


This version of Better, sung by Jessica Reedy is danced during a funeral, to prepare the family and congregation to let go of their loved one. The lyrics describe the challenges a person can face in his or her lifetime, attesting to the fact things will get better.

Glory to the Lamb

Glory to the Lamb is a song of worship, giving praise to God for all of His power and might.

Something About the Name of Jesus

The next song is a testament to the power of speaking the name of Jesus. According to the lyrics, it not only sounds "sweeter than honey," but it also invokes His power and strength.

This Means War

It's a fact of life that human beings experience internal battles. This Means War represents the pain and the sorrow of someone who is deep in the struggle with no hope of relief in sight. It's something most people can relate to.

The Presence of the Lord

The Presence of the Lord is a classic gospel hymn declaring that the singer has been inspired. Life is good, and the reason, according to the song, must be that God is here doing His work.


Speak is a lyrical song of affirmation, declaring, "I shall have what I decree" by simply saying it out loud. It is akin to the Law of Attraction, which holds that whatever you focus your attention and efforts on will be drawn into your life.

Uplift Your Life With Praise Dance

Praise dance, whether performed in church or on a stage, is a powerful form of worship. While praise dance can be greatly religious or only mildly spiritual, the overarching quality of this style of dance is the relationship between God and the dancers. The praise dance steps themselves are secondary to the atmosphere dancers can create for their audience while performing. Watching praise dance videos or attending performances is a great way to connect to your faith and uplift your spirit.

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Praise Dance Video