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Salsa dancers

A great accessory to being able to dance flawless salsa steps, killer salsa dance outfits will complete your dance experience. Whether you have a steady partner and steady club where you always go to dance, or you dance with various partners at various salsa clubs, a great outfit to dance in will help you enjoy evenings salsa dancing even more than you did before.

Anatomy of Salsa Dance Outfits

Salsa dancewear is like any other dancewear for Latin dancing: sexy, fun, colorful (or all black), and paired with a stunning pair of shoes. For women, an absolutely essential item each and every time are the best salsa shoes you can find; even if you are only going in yoga pants and a flirty top, the perfect pair of salsa shoes is a prerequisite.

Salsa Shoes

Ladies shoes for salsa dancing always have heels. Generally speaking, the higher the heel, the skinnier the heel, and the strappier the shoe itself, the better. Go for gold, silver, or red to make a big impression; go for gold, silver, or red sparkles or sequins to make an unforgettable impression.

Salsa Dresses

Only one thing makes a complete salsa outfit in addition to a great pair of shoes: a great dress. Just like the shoes, go for strappy and eye-catching colors. Sometimes, glitter is also tasteful on the dress, but this is a long shot; if you like glitter, best leave it to the shoes and let the dress shine by being flirty and fun instead. Many salsa dresses are red or black because these colors make a big statement. However, because so many dresses are of these two most common colors, wearing a dress of another color makes a big statement in and of itself.

Salsa Skirts

While salsa dresses are nice, some dancers prefer to have dancewear separates. Most popular for salsa dancing are short, swinging skirts and a beautiful, tight-fitting top. While many salsa skirts are above the knee, there are also dancers who wear a similar style of skirt with a longer length.

Salsa Tops

Shirts to wear with salsa skirts can be sleeveless halter tops, or simply a long-sleeve t-shirt as long as it is fairly well-fitting. A salsa top should be in contrast to the flowing nature of the skirt and stay close to the body, creating a visual contrast.

Places to Shop

Some dancewear shops have clothing to wear for an evening out salsa dancing. In addition, there is no reason that salsa dance outfits have to be actual dancewear created exclusively for use in Latin dance clubs. You can buy clothing at any women's clothing shop and wear it while you are dancing the salsa; this can turn out to be a much cheaper option, depending on the type of stores where you do this kind of shopping.

If you'd like to purchase real salsa dancewear from a dancewear shop, check out these online shops if there's no shop nearby where you live:

  • Latin Dance Fashions offers a variety of Latin dancewear, including a sizeable selection of outfits specifically chosen for salsa dancers.
  • Latin Dance Store has everything you need for salsa as well as for other Latin dances, including excellent options for shoes.
  • Notably Unique offers both men's and women's Latin dancewear, shoes, and jewelry.

Whether you're a ballroom Latin dancer who participates frequently in competitions, or you are just getting ready to start an evening salsa dance class, having the right attire for salsa will make your dance experience that much more fun and that much more authentic.

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