Salsa Dance Steps


Salsa dance steps are becoming more popular, as this dance form is beginning to make it big on the social dance scene.

Loving Salsa

Salsa is adored by so many cultures, and Americans are no exception. Salsa continues to grow as a trendy partner dance, and many are looking for easy ways to learn some basics before they hit the dance floor.

Plenty of studios offer salsa dance lessons, and there are also online instructional videos available if you would prefer to not learn from a traditional class. While there are plenty of styles and variations out there, all who salsa dance agree on one thing - it is fun and worth learning properly.

If you are looking to become a star salsa dancer, look no further. Below you will find some basic salsa dance steps to memorize and try out next time you have the opportunity to bust out some new moves.

Learning Salsa Dance Steps

There are many types of salsa that you will find in the United States today. The various forms evolved from various cultures in which affluent salsa dancers came. In fact, many steps and styles have names originating from the people group or geographic region from which they originally came.

For the sake of clarity, this article will discuss the traditional style of salsa that is danced on varying beats of the music. In the social dance world, this is known as "dancing on 1, 2, 3."


In salsa dance, the term "cadence" simply means to mark or keep time with your feet. The timing is vital to successful salsa dancing, as it is what creates the fluidity of movement that the genre is known for. As one becomes a more advanced dancer, it is easier to throw in personal style quirks and really change up the tempo versus the steps. However, for a beginner, sticking to a basic rhythm is always recommended.


Salsa dance always has a leader and a follower - the leader usually being the male partner. When the man guides the woman across the dance floor, he uses a series of very small pushes or tugs known as claves. This helps the follower to prepare properly for turns and dips, without hindering the overall movement and fluidity of the dance.

Razz M'Tazz

Although it looks challenging in text instruction, this dance step is very simple. In it, the woman (or whoever the follower may be) starts with her feet together. After the first beat, she steps back with the right foot and then rocks forward onto her left. Next, step forward with the right and then pause for one beat of the music. The left foot then steps forward, and then you rock back onto your right.

Sound confusing? Stand up and try it out. It isn't as difficult as it seems, and you will love the feeling of accomplishment that comes with mastering this basic rhythm.

Eddie Torres Step

Much like the Razz M'Tazz, the follower executes this move by stepping back with her left foot. She then breaks back with her right and then replaces the weight behind her with her left. Hold the position for one song beat, and then step forward again with the right foot. The left foot now breaks forward, and then the weight is once again distributed to the right. Repeat.

Salsa On Cuban Style

Start with both of your feet together, and start your dance on the 3rd beat of the song. Step back with your right foot, and then rock forward onto your left. Now step forward with your right, and then quickly shift your weight onto this foot. Next, step forward with your left and rock back onto the right.

You may feel as if you need a water break after reading this, and that is normal for someone just learning basic salsa dance steps. Still seem too overwhelming? Consider taking an introductory class at your local dance studio or recreation center. Putting it in a real life environment can make all the difference when it comes to learning dance.

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Salsa Dance Steps