Ballroom Dance Pictures

Ballroom Dance Pictures

Ballroom Dance is more popular than ever! Couples such as this one, dancing a Viennese Waltz, are featured on TV, in movies, and in dance exhibitions all over the world. Best of all, anyone can learn to dance ballroom since there is a variety of ballroom styles.

Argentinian Tango

One of the most popular types of ballroom dance is the tango, known for its sensuality and passion. The basic tango has taken on a handful of different forms, including the Argentine tango that combines styles from Argentina and Uruguay.

Rumba and Other Latin Dances

In Latin dances such as the rumba, mambo, and salsa, the dancers move quickly with a lot of lower-body movements, making them great exercise and fun to practice for all ages.

Swing in Ballroom

Swing dance came of age during the World War II era, and was characterized by fast beats and exciting, almost acrobatic dance moves. Since then several different types of swing dancing have evolved.

East Coast Swing

East Coast Swing has lots of moves that take dancers into the air, making it especially exciting in photos and film and a popular dance to learn.

West Coast Swing

West Coast Swing has a smoother, more grounded feel, and lends itself to more individual interpretation and improvisation.

Lindy Hop in the Streets

Ballroom dance isn't only for the studios. As popularity continues to grow, the moves of ballroom dance have taken to the streets and clubs, spreading the dance to everyone who wants to joyfully move with a partner.

Latin Dance Costumes

In addition to the popularity of ballroom dances themselves is an appreciation for the costumes. These Latin costumes are hip, modern, and bring spice to ballroom dancing.

Grace and Strength

Together, the costumes and the dancers evoke the grace and the strength required to create the beautiful movements and poses of ballroom dancing. Add beautiful music and it's a feast for many senses.

Graceful Pose

This ballroom photo shows how beautiful even a pose can be. The artistry of the dancer, together with her beautiful ballroom dancing attire, is poetry in motion.

From graceful movements to energetic bursts, ballroom dance creates stunning visual images for viewers and fans to enjoy.

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Ballroom Dance Pictures