Flamenco Dance Pictures

Flamenco Dance Pictures


Flamenco comes from Spain, home of the guitar, and is filled with the passion, sensuality, and machismo of that country. This slideshow highlights some of the aspects of this art that make it so beautiful.

The Flamenco Dress


The dress is the most recognizable thing in Flamenco dance pictures, tight fitting on top and with a long loose skirt. Sometimes ruffles at the sleeves and collar are added.

Hats and Fans:Props for Flamenco


Another part of the flamenco costume is the fan, used to flirt coquettishly with the audience, and the hat, used by both male and female dancers to symbolize the bullfighter.

The Flamenco Skirt


The skirt is used as an extension of the body, sending swirls and lines of motion accompanying the fast rhythm of the guitars.

Flamenco Shoes


One of the unusual aspects of flamenco is that a good part of the music is performed by the dancers, using their shoe heels, clapping their hands, and also...

The Castanets in Flamenco


...the castanets. Usually made of wood, playing these percussion instruments is an art unto itself.

A Flamenco Flirtation


While it is reminiscent of the spirit of a bullfight, the heart of flamenco is flirtation.

Flamenco Gestures


With dramatic moves that incorporate the costume with long body lines and strong arm motions, the Flamenco dancer creates an air of passionate excitement.

Focused Passion


Seen from the other side, the direct and focused gaze of the flamenco dancer mirrors the intensity of the arm motion.

A Flamenco Duet


Men also dance flamenco, and the duets with women rival the tango for their heat and sensuality.

Flamenco Ensemble


Duets are not always between men and women. Ensembles of various combinations also perform Flamenco dance all over the world.

Flamenco Forever


One of the best known of the Latin dances, performed and enjoyed around the world, flamenco remains a passionate expression of Spanish culture.

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Flamenco Dance Pictures