Latin American Dance Pictures

Latin American Dance Pictures

Epitomized by a strong lead and a sensual connection, Latin American dance pictures are filled with the passion and intensity of this movement art.

The "Dip"

The "dip" is a move often used to emphasize the surrender, abandon, and trust between partners.

Flamenco Dance

Flamenco dance is one of the few solo forms of Latin dance, though it also is danced with partners and groups. Like the Bolero, it romanticizes the Spanish bullfights.

Samba at the Carnivale

The Carnivale in Brazil was the birthplace of samba, another latin dance form that emphasizes the hips and strong rhythms.

Gallant Young Latin Dancers

In many countries, Latin dance is used to teach young elementary-age children both social skills and movement training.

The Intimacy of Tango

The Argentinian Tango is considered one of the most intimate and sensual of dances.

Fancy Footwork in the Tango

One of the features of the tango is the intricate footwork, like a playful conversation between the dancers using only their feet.

A Tango Milonga

At tango "milongas", couples of every age share the joy of the dance accompanied by live musicians whenever possible.

Salsa Dancers

The tango isn't the only intimate dance - in this image, the salsa dancers have a close connection as they spin and move to the beat of the fast music.

A Latin Dance Twirl

Even when the dancers come apart in a twirl, the connection is maintained between the lead and follow. The under-arm twirl is used in almost every form of Latin dance, from rumba to salsa to tango.

Latin Dance Worldwide

The appeal of Latin dance has spread worldwide, as shown by this Japanese stamp featuring Argentinian dancers.

Latin Dance for All

Latin Dance continues to grow in popularity throughout the world, while at the same time remaining true to the tradition of passion, music, and romance.

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Latin American Dance Pictures