Pictures of Ballet Dancers

Ballet Beauty

The beauty of ballet and dancers has long been celebrated in photos of ballet dancers both in the studio and in full makeup and costumes. The grace of the dancer and the art form come through in both types of pictures.

Classical Ballet

This beautiful 'grand jeté' is a common pose to see in pictures of ballet dancers. This should come as no surprise, given that the pose demonstrates strength, flexibility and grace, the essences of ballet all in one.

Modern Style

This ballerina is demonstrating where classical ballet and modern dance come together. She's dancing in toe shoes, but the position of her arms is not classical; in this picture, classical technique meets modern style.

Flexibility and Grace

Ballerinas are often photographed in poses which emphasize their flexibility. This picture does a nice job of showcasing flexibility, while also showing off a pretty costume and the grace of the dancer.

Amazing Balance

Ballet dancers focus on technique, precision, speed, and musicality. In this picture, a ballerina is working hard on balancing in a perfect arabesque.

Showcasing Strength

Ballerinas are not only flexible, they're also amazingly strong. This ballerina is not wearing tights, which allows one to see the muscle definition in her legs as well as in her arms.

Muscles for Jumping

Both male and female ballet dancers frequently use those strong leg muscles to catapult themselves high into the air.

Graceful Partnering

The accents in this picture of ballet dancers lie in the intimacy between the two dancers and the elegance of the pose. This is not a technically difficult pose, but the grace that is so central to ballet is readily displayed.

Team Strength

Ballet dancers work together to achieve their physical art. Not only do ballerinas achieve high muscle definition, but male ballet dancers have an even higher need for strong muscles. In this particular pose, both dancers are using their own strength to keep the pose perfect.

Impressive Lift

Photos of ballet dancers very often show impressive poses and lifts. This lift shows off the grace of the ballerina and the strength of her partner.

Endless Practice

Ballet dancers spend many more hours a week practicing than they do performing, even if they are professional soloists who've been dancing for decades.


Ballet classes require a certain amount of discipline. This line of ballerinas has obviously been working hard on their technique for many years.

Mentoring Young Dancers

Ballet dancers share a lot of information, technique, and practical lessons with one another. Here, an older dancer shows a younger one the art of tying the ribbons on pointe shoes.

The Young Ballerina

Nobody can resist pictures of little girls in ballet slippers and pictures of children's dance classes. While small children haven't yet mastered technique, they remain popular subjects of dance photographers.

Stretching & Socializing

Stretching is an important part of a ballet dancer's life. Many dancers do as these three are doing, which is turning some of their stretching sessions into an opportunity to chat and catch up with each other as well as to get a good stretch.

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Pictures of Ballet Dancers