Pictures of Limbo Dancing

Limbo Dancing at Any Event

Limbo dancing is a fun activity for any event, from beach parties to birthday parties and even tropical office parties if your coworkers are carefree and up for it. Learn about limbo dancing and how to do it. It isn't all about getting low but keeping your balance. Explore some fun pictures of this exciting dance pastime.

History of Limbo

Limbo typically includes a stick that you dance under. With each pass, you try to bend your back to get lower and lower. While the history of limbo dancing dates back to the 1800s in the Caribbean Island of Trinidad and Tobago, it gained popularity in the U.S. by Julie Edwards, a Trinidad choreographer. It then gained popularity as not only a fun pastime but a form of entertainment. She is also credited with introducing flaming limbo.

Limbo As Entertainment

Limbo dancing has been a form of entertainment in various locations throughout the world, like Las Vegas. You can catch a fire show including specialties such as limbo with a fire pole in many places. The performers will dance under a pole that is engulfed in flames. These specialists will typically perform along with other fire performers like those that eat or juggle fire. Limboing under a pole of fire takes not only care but a lot of skill.

At Home Spontaneous Limbo

Limbo dancing doesn't require anything but something to use as a limbo pole. This makes limbo contests or dances a fun pastime for family get togethers. Grandparents and children alike can dance under the pole as it gets lowered to find out who is the best. You might think it would be the shortest family littles but you'd be pleasantly surprised. Some of the tallest family members can have the skills to limbo the best. While flexibility is key, being able to balance your body is important. Practice also makes perfect.

Performing on the Street

Street performers can be seen doing the limbo in many cities across the country. Tourists often enjoy their great exhibition of personality and flexibility. This can be fun for people and crowds to see just how low they can go. Can you imagine limboing under a stick barely taller than a bottle? That is a feat of flexibility.

Professional Limbo Performers

This feat of flexibility is also a popular carnival trick by professional actors. They might do the limbo during a performance or as a single performance in a parade. These performers typically get lower and lower while dancing drawing wows from the crowd. Unlike your at-home game, these performers are going to show off their flexibility prowess.

Limbo Competition

Limbo competitions can take on all different types of forms. They might include professional limbo dancers or average joes off the street. Typically, people will sign up to win a prize but you might add a bit of flare by wearing a costume. For example, you might wear a onesie to compete getting you the popular vote because you aren't that flexible.

Impromptu Limbo Fun

You don't need a competition or even a stick to get your limbo on. A rope strung across a parking lot can lead to an impromptu limbo competition among friends. While a stick is perfect for this dancing style, a rope can work as well. Additionally, the rope is a great way to help you to work on flexiblity and balancing as it gets lower.

Limbo on the Beach

There is fun in dancing. And that is what limbo is about: dancing. While a stick and a rope are great to go under, you can even do the limbo with your arms. A few friends linking their arms and you are ready to limbo. You can even turn this into a fun dance move on the beach. Show them how low you can go.

Kids Love to Limbo

Kids love limbo dancing, and it's great for them. The music and the moves are easy for kids. The fact that they can do it as a group or as part of a competition only adds to the fun. Not only can you do this at street festivals but this is also a fun game to do at school as well. Grab a stick and turn on the tunes.

Anytime Is Limbo Time

Limbo dancing can be a good fundraiser for a fraternity, sorority or any other college-aged organization. Students will gladly pay to watch their clumsiest friend attempt to clear the bar. It can also just be a fun pastime at your family picnic.

The limbo is a good addition to any party that doesn't require you to learn any special party dance steps. Whatever the reason for breaking out the limbo stick, practice your balance and flexibility so you are ready for the bar.

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Pictures of Limbo Dancing