Pictures of Limbo Dancing

Limbo Dancing At Any Event

Limbo dancing is a fun activity for any event, even for certain office parties if your coworkers are carefree and up for it.

Limbo as Entertainment

Limbo dancing has been a form of entertainment in various locations throughout the world. You can still catch a show including specialties such as limbo with a fire pole in many places.

Spontaneous Limbo

Feeling a little silly? You can start a spontaneous game of limbo whenever and wherever you feel inspired!

Street performers can be seen doing the Limbo in many cities across the country. Tourists often enjoy their great exhibition of personality and flexibility.

Limbo on Holidays

Special international celebrations such as Carnaval involve various forms of dance and phyisical agility, sometimes including Limbo

Limbo Fundraiser

Limbo dancing can be a good fundraiser for a fraternity, sorority or any other college-aged organization. Students will gladly pay to watch their clumsiest friend attempt to clear the bar.

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Pictures of Limbo Dancing