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Thrill the World Dance Steps

Rachel Hanson
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If you want to take part in the Thrill the World dance event, you'll first need to learn the Thrill the World dance steps. Don't be confused by the name of the steps; the steps for the Thrill the World dance event are simply the dance steps to Thriller. The event represents a simultaneous dancing of the Thriller dance around the world.

Learning the Thriller Dance

If you've seen the music video for Michael Jackson's hit song Thriller enough times, you may be able to replicate some of the dance simply by having seen it so many times. This is the method that many Michael Jackson dance fans have used over the years to break down the choreography and replicate it. For generations of dancers, this is how it was done: taping the music video and watching it in small segments, rewinding it time and again in order to capture each and every individual segment. While watching the entire video and trying to copy it seldom works, breaking it down into individual counts of eight can work exceptionally well. The dawn of the Internet has provided numerous additional resources.

Thrill the World Dance Steps Online

While several different online resources exist for the dance steps to Thriller, the most comprehensive website for learning the Thrill the World dance steps is called Thrill the World. This site is dedicated to bringing information about all aspects of the Thrill the World dance event into the public. Not only will you find information about where and when previous and future events are being held, but the website offers an extremely in-depth learning tool for learning the Thriller dance so that you can participate in the Thrill the World dance event.

Thrill the World Broken Down

The website Thrill the World offers several different learning tools. For most people, the most important tool on the website is the series of videos. An instructor breaks the dance down into a series of videos, one video for each section of the dance. Not only is the dance broken down into its component parts, but she also takes each section and shows it in multiple steps, just like an instructor would do in person. The first video is her demonstrating the section she is going to teach you. The second video breaks it down so that you can start to learn it. The third video goes over it so that you can master it, and in the fourth video, you should dance along as though you are performing it, not just dancing along.

This series of videos, made and delivered by a master dancer of the Thriller dance, are an exceptional learning tool. The website also offers a dance script so that you can print it and work from paper; for some dancers, this may help you learn the dance from the videos if you have the script to consult as well. Of course, you can also download the music as well. Practicing the Thriller dance requires having the music. While you can practice individual series of steps without the music, getting the inspiration, the feel, and the rhythm right requires having the music to practice to.

Joining the Fun

After you have learned all the dance steps to Thriller, you may want to join the next annual Thrill the World dance event. The event is gaining in popularity every year; in 2007, 1,722 people danced to Thriller simultaneously; in 2009, the year that Michael Jackson died, that number had exploded to 22,596.

If you would like to dance in the event, your newfound dancing skills will be more than enough to join in the fun. The only other thing you will need is some face paint, torn clothing, and a few bruises painted on your body-all in all a simple recipe for lots of dancing fun!

Thrill the World Dance Steps