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Tony Dovolani

Rachel Hanson
Ballroom Dance Passion

Tony Dovolani is a ballroom dancer who doubles as a ballroom dance instructor. A talented and competition-winning dancer himself, he has also instructed stars, such as Jennifer Lopez. His dancing began at the young age of three, and his career shows no signs of tapering off in the near future.

Tony Dovolani's Dance Education

Born in Yugoslavia, Dovolani started dancing at the age of three years, and showed an early knack for rhythm and movement. Already dancing for 12 years, he took up lessons in New York City when his family moved to the United States when he was 15. Dancing at the Fred Astaire Dance Academy, his talents became even more evident. As his technical prowess evolved, he also developed a bigger and stronger stage personality. This stage persona is still very much a part of his dancing; Tony Dovolani captivates audiences with his passionate expressions as much as his smooth steps.

Ballroom Dance Competitions

Tony Dovolani is no stranger to competition. Now a frequent competitor on Dancing with the Stars, Dovolani was competing long before competing on television. Having won championships both on the national and on the international level, Dovolani is a two time 'World Rhythm Champion' with two different dance partners. In 2005 he won the competition with Inna Ivanenko, and in 2006 he won the same championship with Elena Grinenko. Clearly, his prowess on the dance floor is an internationally agreed upon talent.

Appearing often on the television hit dance competition Dancing with the Stars, Tony Dovolani has had many celebrity dance partners and was even nominated for an Emmy for choreography he did on the show. Dovolani appeared on Dancing with the Stars starting in the second season; while he has not yet won a season, he is still going strong each and every season, and has finished near the top several times. His two highest-place finishes were both third-place titles, first in Season 2 with Stacy Keibler and then again in Season 8 with Melissa Rycroft. While Dovolani is a talented dancer in all types of dance he performs, his scores in Argentine Tango and Paso Doble have been particularly impressive.

Dance Career

Tony Dovolani's career has already had several highpoints. As he continues to appear on Dancing with the Stars each season, teach ballroom dancing online and in person, and win competitions of his own, Dovolani's career shows no signs of slowing. His passion and smooth styling on the dancefloor are loved by audiences and judges alike.

Tony Dovolani