Ballet Dance Bags

Dance bag and shoes

While dancers don't necessarily need special ballet dance bags, there are a few features that dance bags often have that are beneficial for dancers. For example, keeping wet shoes and clothing away from other gear is not only efficient, but also lengthens the life of some dance items.

Functional Ballet Dance Bags

Of course, many girls are looking for a particular motif or slogan when they shop for a dance bag; however, there are a few features to carefully consider when helping someone choose a dance bag.

  • Size and weight: If you or your daughter is looking for a new dance bag, you'll want to carefully consider how much gear needs to be transported, as well as whether or not the dance bag will be transported at the same time as other items, such as a school backpack or a musical instrument. While it may intuitively seem that the bigger the bag, the better, the bag should be manageable even when other bags and gear have to be carried as well.
  • Type of Bag: In relation to size and weight, the type of bag is related to the previous point. A ballet backpack is not a good idea if you will always carry your ballet bag and your school backpack at the same time. Keep in mind that backpacks distribute weight much more efficiently when worn on the back, but can be quite difficult to carry if you are already carrying one backpack.
  • Compartments: Dance bags should have several different compartments, especially for dancers who have several pairs of shoes and whose leotards and tights are often taken off wet. Not only can compartments keep your shoes separate from your clothing, but most dance bags have a 'wet pocket' where wet practice clothes can be kept until you get home to the laundry basket. Another really important compartment to have is an exterior pocket for a water bottle. Dancers need even more water per day than inactive children and teens, so keeping the water bottle in sight and accessible may encourage more frequent drinking.

Stylish Dance Bags

As with leotards and dance accessories, there are fashions in which dance bag styles are the most popular at any given time. While some generations of dancers grew up with dance duffel bags, the cinch-style backpack has had a rebirth in popularity in recent years. Ultimately, you probably know exactly what you want in terms of style if you are looking for a dance bag for yourself.

If you are shopping for a ballet dance bag for a family member or friend, it's best to try to find out which style of bag appeals to the young dancer, or be sure to get a gift receipt when you purchase one. The size and type of the bag are important when considering style, as well as the color and any pictures or words that are on the bag.

Buying Ballet Bags

For inspiration on choosing a tote, backpack, case, or duffel bag for dancers, or to purchase one online, try some of the following sites:

All About Dance: This site has a wide selection of dance bags, including several that are specifically styled for ballet. In addition to offering several styles and sizes, there are ones that will appeal to virtually all ages of dancers.

Dancewear Solutions: For affordable, cute dance bags, this site has several viable options.

You Go Girl Dancewear: Especially for young children, the selection of ballet dance bags on this site is fun and makes great gifts.

Dance 4 Less: Ranging from cute, small backpacks for young dancers, to large, professional cases and duffels for older ones, this site has a wide selection.

Essential Equipment

For ballerinas, a good ballet bag is essential equipment. Regardless of the style or brand you eventually choose, a dance bag that keeps dance wear, shoes, and accessories separate from all of your other gear is very valuable.

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