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Dance may be a physical activity, but sometimes you need printables for instruction or to show off your love of this art form. Written and visual instructions allow anyone to master moves, while clip art lets you add dance flair to stationary, recital programs, and more. These free printables from LoveToKnow will help get your feet moving! If you need help downloading the printables, check out these helpful tips.

Dance Instruction

Learning how to dance can be complicated. Whether you're a beginner who needs to know the basics, or you are advanced but want to try another genre, it's good to use instructions.

Text Step Sheets

Make sure you move the right way by reading these sheets for steps and then practicing them on your own. Keep them handy for reference until you have the entire routine memorized.

Visual Step Sheets

Break down a particular dance step by checking your footwork with these visuals.

Dance Clip Art

Add clip art to your personal stationary, recital invitations, recital programs, or to flyers about dance events. Choose the image that best represents the style of dance you want to showcase.

Free Dance Clip Art

These free dance graphics allow you to pick the individual image that's right for your project.

red dance clip art
green dance clip art
lavendar dance clip art
pink dance clip art
yellow dance clip art
blue dance clip art

Praise Dance Clip Art

Show your spiritual side with these praise-worthy dancing images.

yellow and orange praise dance clip art
purple and orange praise dance clip art
blue praise dance clip art
red praise dance clip art
pink praise dance clip art
lavendar praise dance clip art

Ballroom Dance Clip Art

Share elegant ballroom dance images by using these individual graphics.

back to back ballroom dance clip art
face to face ballroom dance clip art
face to face ballroom dance clip art
lunge ballroom dance clip art
arms high ballroom dance clip art
finale ballroom dance clip art

Swing Dance Clip Art

Groove on with individual images of couples swing dancing.

yellow and green swing dance clip art
pink swing dance clip art
pink and brown swing dance clip art
yellow and blue swing dance clip art
blue and green swing dance clip art

50s Dance Clip Art

Classic 50s steps are highlighted in these individual pieces of clip art.

pink and white 50s dance clip art
yellow and white 50s dance clip art
red and purple 50s dance clip art
pink and blue 50s dance clip art

Clip Art Collections

Download and save the clip art collections when you need a group of related images for your upcoming dance project.

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