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Erotic dancing has become more and more popular as a way to combine intimate fun with good exercise. Moving out of the strip clubs and into the health clubs and dance studios, many women and men are enjoying the benefits of this dance genre, such as increased self-confidence.

Benefits of Erotic Dancing

For many, the term "erotic" connotes something dirty, sinful, or at the very least naughty. In reality, though, it simply means "sexual", and that is something that all humans share to some degree or other. On the website for the Art of Exotic Dancing for Everyday Women, founder Leah Stauffer describes how learning to dance with eroticism can lead to "...transformation, self-confidence, authentic self-expression, freedom, joy and real personal power." Many burlesque dance groups are not professionals at all, but rather simply women who are embracing their own sexual sides.

Unlike many other forms of dance, erotic dancing doesn't require a partner, but it can be used to spice up a relationship with a partner. Some attendees of erotic dance classes tell their partners they are attending line-dancing lessons. In reality, they were in the classroom learning how to shimmy and strut, planning on surprising their partners with personal intimate dances later. It's less about the moves and more about body awareness and self-confidence. For many it is a personal journey in which they discover more about themselves and get in touch with their own sensual nature. Many women and men are raised to believe that their bodies are something to be ashamed of, and erotic dance is one way to overcome that personal prejudice.

Attendees of Exotic Dance Central, for example, are assured of a safe, non-judgmental, fun environment in the introductory classes. The instructors are very open to questions not only about technique, but also about the feelings that this kind of dancing can bring out. Learning the dance ultimately means learning a dance style, and being confident enough to embrace it.

Erotic Dance Classes

Once you get past the sexual nature of the dance, lessons in exotic dancing are basically like any other physical movement form. Exotic George includes a warm-up and basic movements in his classes before moving on to the elements of creating your own routine. His Art of Exotic Dancing workshops are more complex, combining intense conditioning with more complicated choreography as the students "reinvent" themselves. Calling it a "makeover from the inside out," the system includes aerobic and cardio workouts with strip dance moves. All of the classes focus on the "moves" and don't require any clothing to be taken off, which gives the attendees the added confidence of controlling where and for whom they showcase their skills.

The Art of the Pole Dance

While stripping and burlesque-style dancing have been popular for years, even leading to celebrity exercise DVDs such as Carmen Electra's Aerobic Striptease, there is a special subcategory known as pole dancing. The fact is that using a pole as a dance prop requires immense physical strength and conditioning, making it great exercise. In addition, many people find it just plain fun. Many health clubs and dance studios offer classes and it is also possible to purchase a practice pole from many places to install in your own home so that you can practice all week long.

The pole is made of a polished steel sheath that moves smoothly around, enabling dancers to twirl and spin while holding their bodies on the pole using various moves and postures with hands, arms, legs, and feet. Combining the strength to hold your own body weight while looking graceful is quite difficult. This is why even the introductory classes offered at Exotic Dance Central stress that it is a full body workout and the introductory class should be considered as a trial run before investing in a longer-term program.

Sensual and Social

As more and more people of all genders enjoy erotic dancing both for themselves and each other, communities have grown both on and offline. Many pole dancing students share YouTube videos of their practices, showing off successes and giving tips to one another. There are competitions for pole dancing that are judged as stringently as many dance competitions, but most dancers simply use it as a way to become more confident in their own body and, therefore, more comfortable being intimate with their partner. While it may not be for everyone, erotic dance can be a joy for anyone who wants to explore the sensual side of movement, get a great workout, and gain confidence in one's own body and dancing.

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