Nutcracker Ballet Pictures

A Christmas Tradition

Nutcracker ballet pictures have become synonymous with Christmastime, and evoke the spirit of the season. Nutcracker dolls are often found as decor in homes, and the traditional story is shared through books and dance performances each year.

Rooted in History

The first performance of The Nutcracker was performed in St. Petersburg in 1892. It was choreographed by Marius Petipa. The more well-known version of The Nutcracker, which was choreographed by George Balanchine, debuted in 1954 in New York, and continues to be danced all over the world each and every Christmas season. Nutcracker ballet pictures are prolific from this famed production, and can be purchased both at the performances and online.

The Principals: Clara

The role of Clara is almost always played by a child or teenage girl. She may or may not dance en pointe depending upon the production and age of the performer. Nutcracker ballet pictures often feature this young performer, as she is one of the most recognizable cast members.

The Principals: Sugar Plum Fairy

The Sugar Plum Fairy's solo is highly anticipated by Nutcracker fans. Considered to be the prima ballerina of The Nutcracker, the Sugar Plum Fairy is usually danced by an accomplished ballerina with many performance credits under her belt.

The Audition

Thousands of ballet dancers audition for a spot in a production of The Nutcracker each year. Performed in venues all across the country, auditions are traditionally held in August or September.

American Heritage

Just as in the 1950s, the New York City Ballet is known for putting on one of the best productions of The Nutcracker each year. The production in NYC is well-known by locals and tourists, often considered to be an American Christmas tradition.

Children Galore

Many productions of The Nutcracker use dozens of children in rotating casts each year. This was started by George Balanchine, who loved to use children in this ballet, and the tradition continues today. The Sacramento Ballet is known for having the largest cast of children in their Nutcracker run each year.

Tickets and Performances

Nutcracker productions usually sell tickets starting in early autumn. Performances usually begin shortly after Thanksgiving and continue through the New Year, depending upon the size of the venue and ballet company.

Nutcracker Ballet Pictures

Ballet pictures from The Nutcracker are a wonderful way to commemorate a special experience at a performance of the production. They can also inspire young dancers who aspire to dance the roles of Clara, the Prince, or the Sugar Plum Fairy someday. The Nutcracker continues to be a cherished Christmas tradition all around the world, just as it was over one hundred years ago.

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Nutcracker Ballet Pictures